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Class Schedule
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Friday, February 27, 2015

You were wondering, I know...

You've probably been wondering if I'm still on the face of the earth, right?  Yes, I am.  I guess you can say that I've really been into my crafting much ~ but I do have a new found faith for it.

I just didn't have the time or the ambition.  Really once Mom passed I had a lot of trouble getting into the craft room.  It was something that we did together and my heart was not in it.  Oh, I'd make cards with friends here and there - but I just didn't want to.  Then I went to work.  There was no time.  Hubby is on 2nd shift and I was working a traditional work day.  The time we were together, which was not much I wanted to spend with him.  Then I got pretty sick.  I'm better, but I still have a few more hurdles to jump.

I can say that not working any longer and being home gives me the time to be crafty again.  My hubby did move my craft room a while ago, I'm upstairs now - Mom's old room.  So now when I'm up here I feel more like she's with me.  So with all this being said be on the lookout.  I'm making cards again and it feels good.  Jan and I are doing classes in her basement.  Every 2nd Saturday is a card class and every 4th Saturday is a scrap book class. 

Like I said, be on the lookout.  I will start posting again in the very near future...