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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My little chick-a-dee

Don't you just love this little guy??  When I bought A Good Egg I wished that I could use it for more than just Easter ~ because he is so darn cute... 

Here is a quick Easter card that I made up.  I hope that it inspires you...
It is actually Danielle's favorite of all that I made this year.  It was easy to make, just a bunch of punches.  The longest part was the coloring and stickel-ing (is that a word??).

You have to take a peek at the little brads that I picked up from Oriental Trading.  They were super cheap and SUPER adorable!!  Wadda ya think??
I appreciate all of you being patient with me while I work on my blog.  I really don't sit at the computer all day so I do things in bits and pieces.  I am working on some pages next.  I want to make a pages bar across the top so you can just go to one place for tutorials, for sale and whatever else.  That's the next thing I'm going to do.

I hope that you all have a great day!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bunny Box Tutorial

Here it is, the bunny box tutorial ~ and in time to make these for Easter!!   This is a LONG post so stay with me ~ I hope that you enjoy!! 

And remember you can click on any picture to make it larger.  Just hit the back button to get back here.
Here is what you will need:
1 - 8 1/2" x 4 1/4" piece of Chocolate Chip cs
2 Top Note dies
1 - 8 1/2" x 1/2" strip of Chocolate Chip cs
4 wide oval punches in Chocolate Chip
2 small oval punches in Chocolate Chip
2 - 1 3/8" circle punches in Chocolate Chip
2 - 3/4" circle punches in Black
1 -1" circle punch in Chocolate Chip
2 - 1" circle punches in White
2 small oval punches in Pink
2 - 3/4" circle punches in Pink
2 - 1/2" circle punches in Pink
4 - 1/4" circle punches in Pink
1 word window punch in White
1 small heart punch in Pink
Close to Cocoa ink
2 small eyelets
Crop-a-dile (or other eyelet setter)
glue pen and zip dry glue
cotton ball
white gel pen
The first thing you will do is make your box.  Take your 8 1/2" x 4 1/4" piece of cardstock and score as shown above.  I find it easier to add your adhesive for the top note dies before the box is created.
Crease your box and adhere together.
I goofed and added the back top note die before I added the handle.  No big deal, but it is easier if you add the handle before adding the back and front to the box.  Trust me, I found this out the hard way Ü

Take your strip of paper and punch holes 1/2" from each end.  Then take your box and punch a hole on each side 1/2" from the top.  Add your eyelets, but don't squeeze them too tight so you will have a little "give" and the handle will move freely.  I'm sure that you can use brads but eyelets are a lot more sturdy and your handle will last longer. 

Now you'll want to sponge your Close to Cocoa ink around all your pieces before you adhere them together.  I didn't do the pink parts for the feet but you can - it's up to you.  There are no rules, it's whatever you feel like.
This is what your box should be looking like now with the handle and the back attached. 
Now you will take 1 of the wide Chocolate Chip ovals and 1 small pink oval and attach together.  Then add some adhesive to the bottom corner of the ovals and attach under the top note die.
Take your small oval Chocolate Chip punched piece and attach it to the outer corner of the ear.  Just so it looks a little "floppy".  Do so for both sides.
Now that both the ears are complete you should have something like this.
Let's work on the feet now.  Take your other two wide oval Chocolate Chip pieces and attach to the bottom corners of your top note die.  Have them stick out a little bit. 
You will take your 3/4", 1/2" and 1/4" circle pieces and attach them with your glue pen as shown.  Repeat for both feet.
Now you will take your 1 3/8" brown circles together and cut just a tiny bit off of them.
Just a little bit to make them fit flush together.
Take your word window punch and cut it in half.
This is hard to explain ~ but take your two circles and put them flush together.  Then lift up one side and add the "tooth" under and adhere.
Lift the other side up and adhere the other "tooth".  Make sure that they are straight and flush.  Then adhere your brown circles together - yes, flush.
Ok, on to the eyeballs.  Take your two 1" white circles and glue them over the top of the brown circles.  Once you've done that take your two black 3/4" circles and glue them on top of the white ones.
You will now take your 1" brown circle and cut it in half.  Add a pop dot to the back side and attach it to the top of the eyeball - these are your eyelids.  Make sure that you use your white gel pen on the black part of the eye.  You will add the pink ♥ just under the white of the eyes, this is his nose.
Once you have all the pieces attached peel the tape liner off the box and add him to the front.  But wait!! We are not done yet!
Take your zip dry paper glue (or any other type of wet glue that you like) and add a big glop to the back side of the box.  We still need to attach his tail!
Once the tail is attached set it aside to dry, and we are done!!

I'd love to see what you came up with.  Leave me a comment with the link and I'll check it out!  I told you it was a long post!

Have a great day!

To hold you over...

I thought that I'd share of couple of things with you to hold you over while I'm making up the tutorial for you on the bunny boxes.

I'm sure that you may of seen these already ~ but I still want to share with you.  The Mojo Monday and Midnight Madness sketches.  I've been busy lately...  again...  Danielle took some of my cards to school with her to show to her teacher (teacher, meaning one) or so I thought.  She showed them to all of her teachers and I had almost 50 cards to make last week!!  I'm grateful, however I was not prepared for it.  So I hope to be able to participate in the Mojo and MM sketches again, soon.  So here goes, just in case you've not seen them.

I'd love to see what you come up with using these sketches. 

Oh, and I just received an email update from Mel Stampz.  I just love her blog, she's amazing!!  I have no idea how she finds all of what she writes about.  Most definatley an amazing source of info.  Anyway she shows how to make your own prima flowers!!  Make sure that you give her a shout!!
So I hope that this holds you over for a little while.  I'll be working on the tutorial and I'll post it. 

OH!  And how do you like my blog so far?  Anything that you'd like to see or maybe not see?  Let me know ~ your input is important to me.

Have a great morning!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Are you ready for a looksie?

Are ya?   Huh?? 

Well if you remember yesterday the sneeky peeky that I showed you?  Of course you do, that was just yesterday...  So here is what I've been working on.

Are they just not adorable or what?  Last year I made some like it that were Frankie and Dracula for Halloween - you can find that post HERE.  Well these are for Easter this year.  Are they just not the cutest that you've ever seen?  Look at the back of the bunny box.

I added a cotton ball for his tail.  I just wish that I had a bunch of little ones to make these for.  Oh well, I'll have to settle for the kids at the day care that Danielle works for during school. 

Maybe in the next few days if you all would like I can make a tutorial on how to create these little guys.  Just leave me a comment to let me know.

I'm sorry for the short post today ~ I'm still busy with my card making.  Danielle took some cards to school and 4 of her teachers would like some so I've got to get on the ball.

Have a super great day!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Please understand...

I just wanted to let you all know that I am changing my blog around - as if you could not see ☺ ~ after a long time coming I might say, and I hope that you all can be a little patient while I do so.  I hope to have things straight by tomorrow.  Let's keep our fingers crossed Ü

Thank you all ~ and remember to come back after the dust has settled.


What a beautiful day...

I can't stop and think how beautiful it is out today and I am inside sitting here on the computer.  And your probably inside sitting on the computer reading this...  what's wrong with us?!  I just might try to harness up Dixie and take her for a walk today.  It's just beautiful out!!

So, let's see what we've got for you today. 
The last time I placed an order with TAC this is one of the set's that I got.  It's called Bug of Fun.  Well having 2 VW's in the past I HAD to get this set.  Not to mention that it's like one of my favorite SU! set's called Loads of Love and Boatloads of Love.  There is also an accessory set that you can purchase just like those.  Not to mention I can interchange stamps between all set's!!  So I made this card to add to my stash of birthday cards.  You like??
And see the up close flower.  I've been making quite a few of these.  They are a great way to use up your scraps and create some serious "WOW!!" to your project.  So very simple, I'm sure that you all know how to make them.  If you don't then just drop me a line and I can make a quick tut on how I do them.

Now for a little sneek peek of something else that I've been doing. 

This is a peek that I'm sure you can figure out.  Well, can you?  Just a guess...

I hope that you all have a wonderful afternoon!  Have a crafty day!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy Monday Morning!

Good morning everyone, I hope that today finds you well. 

I was so excited last night when Danielle called me.  She was with her friends out shopping and she called and said "Mom, do you want a crop a dile?"  I didn't understand her or she didn't understand me but I said "HUH? No you know I have one."  She was a little excited and she said "No Mom.  The Big Bite"  Well I never got around to buying one of those so I asked her "How much is it?  And where the heck are you?"  She stopped in to Walmart and since I've trained her right (he he he...) she always checks out the clearance items first.  On the clearance isle was a Big Bite for only $10.00 - of course she needed to get it!!
When she brought it home I had to inspect it, I was wondering why in the heck was it only $10.00???  Other than the package being a little torn there is no reason that I can tell why it's on clearance.  But who am I to argue??

I am so very sorry for the delay in posting.  I've just been busy with life.  I've wanted to change my blog template too and that's been more of a bother than not.  I am undecided on a few things ~ but change is what I want to do.  So some day (hopefully soon) you'll stop in and see things different. 

I've been making quite a few cards lately too.  Mom and I went to our LSS and the owner had acquired a bunch of stamps from another store up North that is closing.  It was my duty as a stamper to take peek... of course Ü  I did get a new Bella stamp.  And yes, because there is a cupcake...
You like??
I stamped the balloons again and used pop dots to add a little more to the card.  She reminded me of Danielle so I colored her blonde.

That's all I've got for you today.  I hope that you like to card.  I'll be back tomorrow to show you more!  Have a super great day where ever you may be.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

♣Happy St. Patrick's Day!!♣

Good Morning Everyone ~ or shall I say "Top of the morning to you"

As I am sitting here thinking I've not been on line posting for 9 days and I'm sorry.  I've been really busy lately ~ but hopefully at the end of this week that will be over.  I can tell you that I have loads and loads to show you, does that help??

I just wanted to pop in and wish you all - Irish or not - a very Happy and safe St. Patrick's Day!  I'm not actually Irish but I am married to an Irishman so that counts Ü

Monday, March 08, 2010

Good Monday Morning

Good morning every body.  I hope that this weekend was wonderful for you all.  It was just beautiful here!  We actually had a BBQ Saturday it was so nice.  It's supposed to be in the low 60's this week ~ and I'm ready for it.  Although it's supposed to rain too.

Have you been working on your St. Patrick day cards?  I've started some.  I have been looking everywhere for some St. Patrick's digi stamps.  I did what I always do every year and wait too long to get new stamps for the holiday I'm working on.  I waited and there was no time to buy some, have them shipped to me and make the cards so I wanted to work with some digi stamps.  I did find a few out there.  The card I'm going to show you was made with some digi's from Pink Cat Studio

Now, I've not worked with digi images before so I was not sure how they would turn out - but I think it looks fine.
The image is from Pink Cat Studio and the sentiment is from Whipper Snapper.  In my confetti drawer I had these shamrock coins and I used a large glue spot to adhere it to the card.  You really can't see it in the picture (although you can click on the picture to make it larger) but I used my sakura gel pen on the coins on the image and the sentiment panel for a little bling...

I know this post is short and sweet - but I'm off to create some more and I just wanted to show you these pictures to give you some inspiration.  I hope it worked.

And if you know of any digi sites that have some great images leave me a message and let me know.  I'm really new to the digi image thing and I'd love to see what more is out there!!

Have a super great day!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Sorry I've been invisible lately

I'm sorry that I've been invisible lately, but I've been doing life things...  You know how life gets in the way sometimes ~ well, that's what's been happening.  Nothing bad, no.  No need to worry - just stuff.

I've also been working on changing my blog.  It's been behind the scenes so you wont notice anything until I'm ready to make the big change here.  Just trying to tweak this and move that.  I think that you will like it, or well I can only hope you will.

I have an appointment that I have to take Mom to this afternoon and I will hopefully get some crafting done tomorrow to be able to post for you.

Thanks for sticking it out with me.  Have a super great afternoon!!