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Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Little Valentine

From me to you!  I've been working on some Valentine's that I need to get in the mail ~ but I remembered to take pictures first!

I just love the line of stamps by Art Impressions.  Some of the ladies they have SO remind me of Mom, Joyce and I.  We could get ourselves into some pretty crazy situations and it's almost like someone followed us around with a camera :)  Actually when I went to Scrapfest last year I met the ladies of Art Impressions.  They were so down to earth and nice.
I just love to make easel cards, they are also so fun to display.  I'm still not sure but I may give this one to hubby for Valentine's Day!
I do want to say sorry for all my pictures in advance.  My lovely daughter spilled soda on my camera and I've had to use hers.  Of course hers is a lot newer than mine, but I just can't get the hang of it.  My old camera was just perfect.  So once again in advance, sorry.
I hope to be back tomorrow to post some more pictures for you!  Have a nice evening!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Happy Nat'l Handwriting Day!

What a perfect day to send a card out to your favorite or two!!  I think that with technology we are too busy these days to send handwritten items any more.  I know I enjoy getting a personal note in the mail ~ sure beats the alternative (bills!!).

So today I thought that I'd share a scrap layout that I did for the design team call at Treasure Box. I can say that I was a little bummed not to be picked, but hey - that's ok. Maybe next time. So here goes...
I love that moose!  He's adorable!!  And it kind of got me into the Valentine's making mood.  I'll share some cards I've been working on tomorrow!!  Have a great evening...

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My New Craft Room!

It was a long time in the making that's for sure ~ but I wanted to share some pictures of my new craft room.  I've moved into the house from the sun room, which let me tell you is kind of nice.  I don't have all the nice daylight but I do have heat and air :) and after last night with the temperature of 10 degrees I'm very thankful!!

I do have some more things to do with the room.  I want to add some lettering to the walls and hang up a few things.  I have a really cool project that I need hubby to work with me on for one of the walls but that probably won't happen til spring or summer.  So ready?  Take a peek!!
 This is what you see as you walk into the room.  This is my craft area and this wall has my punches on curtain rods.  No, they are not the ones from Ikea - I wanted those...  But our Ikea is a little over an hour away and at the time I was in too much of a hurry to put things up ;) 
 This area to the left is Danielle's area.  I know it is smaller but she is really not in here all the time with me. 
 I have NO idea why the camera took a picture and it came out yellow like that around the window!  The room is actually a mint green.  It's very pale in color, pretty.  But yellow?  Hmmm...  Think this is a reason for a new camera...
 This is some of the storage I have.  I've got all of my unmounted stamps on the top shelf in those five boxes.  The shelf right below that is all my SU! clear stamp sets (they are behind the pictures that I forgot to take down).  The middle shelf has 12x12 paper in the Iris containers and the loose 12x12 paper is what I use for paper piecing, that's off to the left each in it's own envelope put away in a Cropper Hopper file rack.  The fourth shelf has SU! wood stamp sets and the last shelf has all the rest of my 12x12 paper.  Holiday, solids, SU! DSP collections...  It was the heavy stuff I needed to put on the bottom.

You can also peek in the closet and see my wood drawer cabinet.  That holds all my loose wood stamps.  I've got one of my old Iris carts with pens (sharpies, dot pens...), post it's, clear stamps, office supplies (stapler, postage stamps, address labels), 3D embellies and a tubby with envelopes.  I've also got boxes on the closet shelf with little pieces and parts, small punches, chipboard, scissors and little items that I don't use all the time.  I've got my brass stencils, glitter and light box up there and my Bind It All and Carl Tozzicle and binding rings I don't use nearly enough.  Yes, that's a step ladder too!  With all the shelves my hubby put in there are a few items on the top shelves that I can not reach.  I call it vertically challenged!
Last but not least, and yes I am very OCD.  The filing cabinet in my room has alterables and such but the middle two drawers are filled with my 8 1/2 x 11 paper.  Oh but not just put in hanging folders mind you.  If you click on the picture you will see.  I've got each color labeled and if it is retired or in the current catty.  I also have the RGB code in case I need to print out something in that specific color.  It also allows me to keep the scraps together with the paper and it helps me to see how much I have of a specific color and if I need to order more.

No my room is not done by any means.  The work areas were made with counter tops that we purchased at Lowe's.  We will have another little piece that needs to be made.  If you see to the left of the closet there is a black Iris cart.  That has by glue and tape, hot glue gun, label maker...  all the items I do use and they really didn't take up a whole box to fill.  I've got my paper shredder next to it and my scrap books (in progress) on top of it.  Hubby still has a counter top that he is going to make me a table right there.  I'm going to put my Big Shot on it and a shelf above it for my dies and embossing folders.  He made the tables and put up all the shelves for me.  He painted the legs to match the room too! 

I'm so very happy with my room and I'm glad that you stopped by today to take a peek!  If you have any questions don't hesitate to leave a comment and I'll get back to you!!  See you tomorrow :)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Happy Monday

Howdy!  I am popping in to post an actual picture of something I've made ~ can you believe it??  It's been way too long and I've needed to get back into the swing of things so here I go!

What a perfect time to get back into it to with Valentine's Day just around the corner.  Which is hard to believe since it seems like yesterday was just Christmas.  Whew!  Time flies.  So enough said, let's get to posting...
This card I made with my trusty old "Cupig" stamp.  It is a Whipper Snapper stamp that I've had for years and I faithfully use it each year, I just love that little guy!!  Really, who can't smile when they open a card with him on the front? 
and this, my new passion (thanks a lot Jan!) is paper piecing.  A friend of mine introduced me to the wonderful world of paper piecing.  I can say that it has consumed a bit of my time.  These lovely little bears (and people, and pets, and things) have made themselves right at home in a few scrap books that I've completed and continue to work on.  You just may see a fair share of piecing on here if you don't mind.  This card, an easel card I made for my entry to the Treasure Box design team.  No, I didn't make it but I can always try again in the future, right? 
Well, that's it for my post today.  I hope to be back tomorrow to share with you some more Valentine creations ~ and maybe a scrap page or two!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Hello everyone!!
I wanted to pop in and let you know that I'm here!  I've been busy making valentines and doing a bit of scrapbooking.  Paper piecing actually.  I have to get Danielle's camera out since she "accidentally" spilled soda on mine...  So I will be posting some pictures in a few days. 

I do have a new craft area.  As some of you know I had my craft area in the sun room off the dining area.  Well now I have an actually room upstairs in the house.  It is freshly painted, and bright and new!  Hubby and I went to Lowe's and purchased some counter tops and he made craft desks for us.  He also put up shelves around the room!  I will post those pictures too!  Everything has a place and is in it's place (except right now...  things are all over with my valentines in the process!!).

So I'm here.  I'll be posting some pictures in the next few days!  Take care - and see you back here soon!!