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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Digi Time!

Good afternoon everyone! I thought that I'd share a digi page with you.

Danielle loves to fish. I think that it is something that she remembers from way back... I'm not sure if I told this or not but when she was little Ricky and her made a worm box and they used to fish.

Funny story: When Danielle was about 2ish or 3ish Ricky would take her to the pond at the local park where we lived. He had bought her her first fishing pole. It was yellow and marked "catfish fishin' pole" and she loved it! Well this one particular time he took her to the pond and they were there fishing when all of the sudden she got a fish on her pole. She dropped the pole and said to Ricky "Bicky - it's broke". She used to call him Bicky. Well anyway he dove for the pole just as it was about to go into the pond... She dropped it because she thought that they were just there with the pole's in the water, she did not know what to do when she caught a fish. It's one of those you had to be there kinda things - but it brings back fond memories for me.

Well fast forward to today... Danielle still loves to fish and last season Ricky bought her a tackle box to go with her pink fishing pole. Yes, it's pink. So now that she's older she needs a licence. We took her down and got her a licence and took her fishing this past weekend. This page shows the pictures of our trip.

I had a tragic experience with my fish I caught, I felt bad and I named him "Herman". I used a digital kit from Memory Makers Art Nation.

Hope you enjoy it!


1 comment:

Julie Temple said...

This is a neat layout!1 I gotta say, kiddo, I LOVE your face in that pic...I would be making that one, too!