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Monday, June 28, 2010

Ricky's pool table...

This is what I made for Ricky for his birthday.  Now he's a guy in every meaning of the word and well, he really does not care too much for all the boxes and things that I make.  He does not know why I get all worked up when something does not work out well ~ but when I saw this I had to make it.  I forgot where I got the idea from, but I will edit this post later to add that. 

I thought that I would make this box for him to hold the cards that I've made for different occasions over the years for him.  He used to be a pool player, so I knew that it would be ok
It's deep enough to hold quite a few cards, that's why I liked it!  I made the box out of Close to Cocoa and pretty much everything else was made out of scraps, how cool is that??
And before anyone says anything ~ I know that there are not 19 balls in pool.  The 19th was his birthday so that's why I put "19" on the ball...  Yes, a little goofey....

That's what I had for today ~ I will edit this later to let you know where I got the pattern from.

Have a super great day!!

The blog where you can go to for these instructions is: and trust me, you'll be blown away with Lynn's talent!

1 comment:

Betty said...

Too Cute! Why not buy him the real thing? It could double as a bed for Dixie!