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Monday, June 06, 2011

For the grad...

Hello everyone.  I thought that I'd pop in here for a little while and show you the card that Danielle asked me to make for her boyfriend's graduation this past weekend.
Her boyfriend graduated this past Saturday and now is out in the world.  I asked him what he is going to do now and he said "nothing".  Um, nothing??  Wrong answer!  He does have a good job now, and he was promoted to manager a while ago ~ but life is to uncertain and things could change in an instant.  School, school, school...  That is what he needs to do.  But all I can do is preach I guess.

The card is actually 5 1/2" x 5 1/2" square.  I used Basic Black, Cherry Cobbler and white card stock.  I made the little tassle from some of the thread that Mom makes her butterflies and flowers from.  The stamp set is actually from Clear Dollar Stamps that I purchased a long time ago.  Graduation and St. Patrick's day stamps are always hard for me to find.  Anyway - I made this card to look a little like a gown and cap. 

I gave it to Danielle to give to him and I get "This is not our gown colors".  I told her that I would make it reflecting the school colors.  For some reason her school colors are red, white and black.  Their graduation gowns are blue?  I don't understand that...  but oh well.

I thought that I'd share it will you all in case you are in need of a grad card.

I'm off to the craft room.  I'll be back tomorrow with more to share...  And remember, if you are in need of anything Stampin' Up! take a peek over at my other blog Joani's Cards Made by Hand, Too.  Have a great afternoon!

1 comment:

Carrie said...

An Awesome card Joanie!