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Friday, December 28, 2012

I am still here, really!

No your eyes are not playing games with you ~ you are not seeing things...  It's me, and I'm finally posting.

I wanted to explain how life took a huge detour for me this past year.  Last year we found out that my Mom had early onset dementia and then a couple of weeks later we found out that she had cancer, actually her appointment with the oncologist was on my birthday - very crappy day I might add.  So this past year has been full of doctors, nurses, hospitals, medicine's, chemo appointments...  And Mom lost her battle in August when she was called home to be with Dad.  It's been 16 years since they were together so I'm sure that it was a wonderful reunion for them.

The past few months I've been kinda lost, had my moments and I've cried a lot. Yes, the holidays have been awful.  I had my Mom for 43 years and her being gone so close to the holidays has not been fun.  Mom was a wonderful baker and I SO wish that I would of paid more attention to her when she was in the kitchen.  I guess I just always felt that she would be there I didn't have to.  I do have one tidbit of bittersweet news.  Without getting into a huge story (and if you remember I am good at that!) I have been in touch with a sister who never knew I existed.  We've talked and we've been in touch thru facebook and chat often ~ and we will actually meet in the spring.  You do not know what it means to me.  To of known about a sibling all my life and then to actually be in touch.  But only after Mom passed away. 

April of this year we also lost our dear friend Joyce.  I know that you remember me talking about her and when she visits us each year.  It was very sudden and such a shock.  We were all worried about Mom and then to get news of Joyce.  To have them both not here with us is terrible.
(This is Mom and Joyce and was taken in May 2011 the last time Joyce visited us.  Yes, we were at Olive Garden doing one of our favorite pastimes - eating!!)
So dear friends, this is why I've been out of touch.  My life has been a huge sort of ups and downs for over a year now.  But I can tell you that my hubby has made me a craft room that I am so happy about and it's been enough time that I need to get back to it!!  I've got a few things cooking...  and I'll be back after the first of the year.  I've really missed posting - blogging was a part of life that I enjoyed and I need to get back to it.  I also have a new passion with paper piecing.  Yes, a friend of mine, Jan has introduced me to paper piecing.  I could kill her for getting me into yet another obsession - but crafting has been such a big part of my life and it's time to get back to it.

With that being said I will be back soon - don't count me out :)  I hope that your Christmas holiday was a good one and that the New Year will bring you nothing but health and happiness!!


jordiegirl said...

How lovely to have you back - so sorry about your sad news.

I too have not blogged much lately and really must get back to it in the New Year - I don't have the excuses you have - just life gets in the way sometimes!!!

Look forward to reading more from you and I wish you a much better 2013 than 2012 was for you and your family.

Tracy said...

Sorry to hear of your sad news, but I am looking forward to seeing your posts.
Take care
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Carrie said...

Sad things for anyone to deal with Joani.
Glad to hear about your craft room, I know for me crafting is great thearpy, hope it will be for you too.
Stop in at Just Cards lots of old friends there.


Dearest friend, it is now my turn to return the support you need to get through these tough times. I look forward to seeing more of your posts and of course your carft room & creations.