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Friday, May 02, 2008

Happy Friday :-)

Well another Friday is here. The day's seem to just fly by. With so much to do I don't know why I am sitting on the computer.

A short history lesson, yes my history. When I was married to my ex and my Father was still alive the week of Mother's day was like mini Christmas!! There was Mother's day, my Father's birthday (12th), my ex's birthday (14th) and my daughters birthday (16th). Well, my Father passed away and I got divorced so that left Mother's day and my daughters birthday. Much more manageable. Not this year!! This year there is Mother's day (11th) DD has an ortho appointment the 13th, I have a doctor appointment the 14th, a very good friend is coming in from California on the 15th (shhhh! It's a surprise!!! DD does not know about it - and she does not read my blog so I'm ok) 16th is DD's birthday and the 17th is a surprise party for her! So that week is now (for this year at least) hell week. My daughter is turning 16 and she has not wanted a party for a few years. This year she wants one and I told her we just can't do it. he he he.... The teasing I got from my Dad.... So Friday we are having a "party" with the family (oh. remember those... wishing you had all your friends there but don't) and then on Saturday she is going to the bowling alley (not much to do in this town for kids - but her BFF's step dad works there and at least they are supervised) and then he is going to tell them that the party room needs to be cleaned, like they always do to help out and we will be in there and yell "surprise!!" I can't wait - she has no clue!!!

So enough of my rambles!! Time to get to business!!

With my fiasco yesterday of doctors and labs I did not do anything - but I do have something to share.

I wanted to show you a card that was made by a dear friend Nic from Gorillamama Greats. She purchased some theangelcompany™ stamps from me and the first card that she made with the stamps was for me! She's so happy with her stamps, and I'm glad that the first card was for me! Thank you so much Nic, I just love it!!!

Yup, you see this pile! It's mine, mine ~ all mine!!! Ok, I'll share with Mom... Another dear friend of mine Betty from Ladybug Scraps stopped by the other day. She called to ask which booth my items were in at the Peddlers Mall in town. Well I was on another line and Mom told her. Then I realized that was just around the corner! Oh NO!! Mom said "Betty will be over shortly" and of course I went into a panic.

One of the BAD things about not working and staying at home is you don't have to get dressed
up or fixed up if you don't want to. Well, yes of course Betty happened by on one of those days when I was still in my sweats, ponytail in the hair (I'm not even sure if it was brushed or not - by my teeth were) and Mom's hair was in pin curls!! On a good note I just got done cleaning bathrooms - we have 3 and the upstairs. So I was entitled, right???

Anyway - she stopped by for a few minutes to chat. Her and her hubby's been taking trips to West Virginia for his work so she's not been by in a while to play. But look at what she brought!! She knows that I don't have a cuttlebug (gasp!!) yes, it's true... I want one, I just can't justify buying one when I have my Cricut too. Maybe someday, if there is a great sale..... But she was so kind as to bring me all these embossed papers. All different, in different colors. And yes, the OCD in me took over. They are all in order according to category and by color. I thank you so much Betty - your the AWESOME-EST!!!

Well everyone - I better get off my duff and get to work. Ok, get to play... Same thing, kinda. Just depends on who you ask :)

Have a great day!


kssdesigns said...

Isn't it fun to get stuff like this! What a great friend she is to do this for you. The cuttlebug is a great tool. If you ever have a chance to get one you'll love it.

Stamping Seasons said...

Oh you are a lucky girl!!! Have fun playing with those wonderful embossed papers... I love my cuttlebug

Trudy Osborn said...

What a fabulous and fun card! And all those papers! WOW

Nicola said...

I'm so glad you liked the card. Have fun with all those cuttlebug papers. I love my Cuttlebug.


Nancy ~ Inkcicles said...

Sounds like a wonderful Friday...friends, goodies, house cleaning. :-)

Joana said...

gosh how lucky are you to have such a wonderful friend. The paper are gorgeous ( nice too that you manage to get some cleaning done :))