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Sunday, December 13, 2009

This is why I've been gone...

Well, this is part of it.  I've been busy with family and with holiday things.  Not to mention a very curious little puppy.  But I'm happy ~ I knew what was involved in a puppy, and is any time right?  No it's not - but I knew what I was getting into before I brought her home.

She's got so big since I've last posted about her.  She weighs a ton - ok not a ton, but a lot more since the little 4 pound puppy we brought home.

If you are sitting in one of the chairs she will just sit on the floor and stare at you til you get up.  She wants to sit in the chair herself.  Yes, spoiled is the word.  If we had more room she'd probably get her own Lazy Boy for Christmas!

Yes, the ears are hilarious!!  I think that she's taking after the Sheppard more so than the lab, can you tell?  It's funny when she's outside and wants in.  She will be sitting at the door and all you can see are the ears sticking up ~ those are what we call her satellite dishes...

I'll show you each one later...  I'll be back later with more crafty stuff, promise!

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