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Monday, August 30, 2010

A little plug....

Hello everyone ~ I wanted to post a little something that is near and dear to my heart, so this is not a "crafty" post.  If your not interested in anything other than crafty there is no need to read on.  But I would appreciate it if you did.

You might notice on my right sidebar a little way down there are some buttons that you can click on.  I generally don't post anything on my blog unless it means something to me, and this does.

The other day I received an email from a dear lady Wendy.  She was so kind to comment on my blog and she had asked me about The Angel Company that I had listed on my signature line on my email.  Well it was not what she thought, but we talked about it.  She is the founder of Angels Anonymous.  It is a mostly Canadian site that helps bring terminal cancer patient their last wish.  Then I asked her if she did anything like Chemo Angels do, and she did not know about them so I forwarded her the link to their site. 

Chemo Angels is another wonderful site that a couple of dear friends have belonged to for a while and it's something that I always wanted to be involved in and have never signed up.  The Angels send cards and little items to patients to help brighten their day.

I have posted on my sidebar the buttons with links to their sites.  I would appreciate it if you would take a minute to visit them.  And if you can't join them maybe send them a dollar or two to help them out ~ they do rely on donations, and it is for a wonderful cause.

Thank you Wendy for bringing your organization to my attention ~ I think that it will give me that "kick" in the rear to step up and do my part.  You are really, truly and Angel. 


Carrie said...

Thanks Joani for the plug. I have been a Chemo Angel for several years now. I have even met some of my buddies, vacationed at one's winter home in AZ in May. It is such a rewarding program.

Hoping to see you in a couple weeks. I'm coming to KY again to visit all my friends there. I'll call, should be about around the 21st when I get your way. :)

Angel Bobbie said...

You know Joani you can still become a chemo angel. They need more angels and you would be a great angel. I have been a chemo angel since 2000 and it is the beat thing I have ever done.