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Friday, July 03, 2015

Happy Birthday!

Hi everyone, I hope that the start of this holiday weekend is a good one for you!  I also want to wish all my U.S. friends a safe and Happy Fourth of July!

One of the people that works with Ricky asked if I could make a card for her for her nephew's 18th birthday and of course I had to say "YES!" and I knew just the card to make.  A while back, actually five years ago I made a card for Danielle's birthday.  It was a long card that I cut out 18 candles and adhered them to the card.  It was fun, and I've acquired many cut files since that time so I went to work...
Of course at the end of all the candles is a cuppy cake!!  Then I thought I did not have an envelope to put it in so I had to make one.  I didn't get to take a picture of that so you have to trust me, it was cute :)
I thought that I'd pop in and share with you all.  I have worked on some swap cards and I will share those in a couple of days too!  Have a safe and wonderful weekend no matter where you are!

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Remove Background said...

Absolutely gorgeous, love the sweet image and pretty details.