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Friday, March 28, 2008

I just had to share a few little things with you today.

I wanted to post some pictures of my craft room. Now, it's not the greatest ~ but at least I have one. When we were house hunting I wanted to make sure that there was a place for all my "stuff". This place had a sun room built on, how cool is that? Well COLD not cool! The room is right off the house as you can see - and with all the windows it gets cold in the winter, and actually not too bad in the summer. But it is my little space that I can create in and have my "little" fur baby at my feet.

And no, I normally keep the blind down so the ribbon does not get faded. I learned that with my paper the first year that I was here...

This is my space where I sit to create. I get lots of light from the windows which is nice. The one good thing about not having too much room is you keep your stuff more organized than you would if you have a larger space.

In California we had converted the garage into a room - that was our craft room. I can say that this little space is more organized than the other was. I had stuff spread out everyplace. Here, it goes back after I use it.

This is Mom's area. Yes, she's going to kill me for posting this. "Joani, my hair looks awful ~ it's not curled". Yes Mom, I know. You just washed it and can't do a thing with it. If she was a little bit more technologically savvy she'd get me back, but I don't have to worry about that :)

Notice the punch rack? Hubby just put that up for me not too long ago. That was another couple of drawers that I got to clean out. I love having them hanging up. The Mega & Giga punches are a little awkward on there but they fit.

This bookshelf is where most of my stamps are kept. The 7 boxes hold all of my SU! sets. Before I UM them they were on the 3 shelves stacked 2 deep. If you wanted to find something you had to move them around, stack on the floor and look. Now they are in the boxes by category and alphabetized. It's the OCD talking, sorry ;)

Now on to some creative stuff!

You can't imagine the look on my face when I got some mail the other day and opened the package. My dear friend Gabby sent this to me. Isn't i beautiful!! I could not believe my eyes. She is one amazing and awesome crafter. One of the most talented I've seen! And this was for me! Of course when I opened it I mentioned to hubby that she made this out of coasters and that a trip to Ruby Tuesday's was in order. Last year we went there for lunch and our waitress gave me a stack of coasters, I seriously scored big with those. So, when we went for lunch I asked the waitress for some coasters & she brought them to me with our drinks ~ they were round!!! Ok, that's fine. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth right? But now I'm going to have to make a few changes if I want to try this.

If you want to try this take a peek over at Gabby's blog and her wonderful tutorial! She makes everything look so easy.

Well of course my DD had to get her mitts on it and check it out. I told her that it was "mine, mine MINE" so she had to go make one. The kid can sit down and create a card in just a few minutes ~ it takes me all day. Well, that's the OCD again. If it's anyplace near crooked or if it has a little mark - or if it's just not right I start over.... But little missy sat down and made 4 of these! She has that ability. Me, I print of directions and read over them a couple times before I start on something.

Well, she made these and asked if I would take a picture like I do with my stuff. Of course I will. So, I had to show her creation off too...

Enough said for today ~ I will (hopefully) be back tomorrow with more. Have a great day!


Jackie said...

Wow, you have a wonderful room! All of that space and natural light, too - you lucky girl! Wonderful gifts in the mail as well - this must be your week. Your daughter's creations are absolutely fabulous, she is very talented - tell her to keep up the good work! And mom's hair is fine, tell her not to worry :-)

kssdesigns said...

Look at all that light!! You have an awesome creative area! TFS

melanie said...

Great room, lots of natural light

Linsey said...

I think it's a fabulous crafting room! I love the open-ness and natural light from all those great windows! I need a little bit of OCD when it comes to organizing, so this is totally inspiring to me, Joanie! I love your punch rack and how you alphabetized you SU! sets. I have to dig thru all of mine now and I hate the set-up...thanks for sharing! Now I have somewhere to start with my room--I love your goodies! Sounds like your DD might need a blog of her own! I've seen her SCS gallery and she obviously gets her talent from Mom :) hugs!