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Saturday, March 08, 2008

We got snow!!!

Yup. The most since we've been here! I am a little excited about it... We've got about 6 inches so far ~ and the snow is still coming down. The dog's got her "coat" on and ready to go play. Danielle's already down the street playing in the snow. Life's good......

I want to post a couple of pictures of some RAKS that I've received.

This card is from my SBS sister Tracy. I received it I was not sure who it was from, but I loved it!! It's my favorite color!! And she gave me some images that I don't have. Thank you Tracy!!

These RAK's Mom and I received from Betty over at ladybug scraps. She came over the other day with her hubby and they brought us the PVC pipe for my ribbon holder. You'll have to take a look at her's on her blog ~ I don't have mine up yet. Hopefully soon!!

I'm off for now! I've got some stamps to cut apart. I'm so excited about my TAC stamps. If any one has a question, please dont hesitate to ask. You can e-mail me anytime :)


Linsey said...

Hey Joanie! Great cards from your buddies today! Oooh, lookie snow! Hope you're enjoying it while it lasts...I mean it's March for crying out loud. :) I got my card done an posted it to SCS for now. Here' the link:
It's such a great sketch and it was really fun! I love purple too so that was not hard, hehe! hugs and have a great day!

melanie said...

I Love photos of snow they look great

Anonymous said...

Hey Joani, is that snow covering your house and truck?