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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My "little?" Baby

I just HAD to share this picture with everyone. Yes, that is my dog (spoiled rotten!! And when you say dog she looks around and thinks "we have a dog? when did we get a dog?) and yes, she's eating ice cream!!

My DD for the past few nights has asked me to take her to Dairy Queen. She's just had the craving. Of course we have ice cream in the freezer and DQ is only 3/10ths of a mile from our front door ~ but she wanted it, and of course it did not sound too bad!

So we piled in the car ~ ya think we could of walked it - but no. She needed it QUICK... And drove there. We proceeded to order and I then ordered a cone too. Danielle says "Mom, you already got a blizzard!" ha! she thought it was for me!!! Nope. It was for my "wittle itty bitty" fur baby. Yes, for the same fur baby that also gets happy meals and toys at all the holidays. She even has her own presents under the tree! After all, she was born on Christmas day.

We get home and Danielle wants to carry it in to show Ricky. Yeah, like it was her idea - after she yelled that the dog did not need it. So I grabbed it and brought it in to Ricky. His eyes light up. Mind you, the first time he saw the dog he said he just wanted to hug her - most people run the other way because of her girth. She is all bark and no bite, really. She puts on a show then just lays down and ignores you.

So anyway, Ricky got the job of feeding it to her. At first she wanted to just bite the cone down in one gulp. But he told her no and the darn dog actually licked the cone. Yes, I had to get a picture. And yes, I will put it in the album.

Enough of the Ginger saga. I will write more on that subject later!!


Nicola said...

That is an awesome picture. What an awesome dog.


Stampmouse said...

ahhh what a cutie

Linsey said...

LOL, what a cutie patootie! She's gotta get her sugar too and so ladylike licking the cone, hehe! A Christmas fur baby too, how special! Now, is her official name "whittle itty bitty" or is that your special little mommy name for her? That is just so cute, I totally adore doggies...I would never run the other way from this sweet girl! Makes me want to show off my fur baby too! :) hugs, Joanie!