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Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'm just tickled.... purple!??!

I just had to share with everyone the cute little shelves that my hubby made for me the other day.

Yes, yes... they are purple. It all started out with a couple of scraps of wood he had. I mentioned to him that I would love to have a shelf on my desk. Nothing fancy at all, just something that I can put my ever growing supply on. My pencils were getting a little soft because of all the windows and light that come in the room. Some of my paper was fading too. So I tried to describe what I wanted. Like I've said a million times before, my head and mouth don't communicate too well sometimes.

Yes, I drew a picture. So for a couple of day's I "nagged" I mean asked him. Then he finally gave in. Just like the flower beds in the back yard. This year we are concentrating on making the back yard pretty. So every time that he does something I say "you know what would look good here" or "that might be an idea to do....." So of course after he made the shelves I was told "no more for this year". Big bummer, but he has done a lot so far.... He's got to get a meddle for putting up with me :)

So anyway, after he made the shelf for my desk he said "I suppose you want it painted too?" but actually my first thought was not to paint it. He used an old shelf that we took down and it was kinda cool looking with the white paint a little "rustic" looking. But we have this can of purple paint that the last owners left here. I don't know what was painted purple, but I kept it.

He painted my shelf and put it on my desk. Totally happy with that of course I could not wait to put up the other shelf above my desk. That's where I am putting all my little do-dad's that I make for the weekly challenges at Paper Wings. For now I'd like to say I'm content....

On another note I'd like to mention the power of advertising. I had got one of those magnetic signs for the car. I'm sure that you've all seen them, I see a lot of Realtors with them. Well over at Vista Print you can score big with the FREE, yes I said FREE products!!!

Well anyway we went out to breakfast for Father's Day. A tradition that we've always had. And there was a lady who got a hold of me because of that sign. Come to find out she lives right up the road from me. We spoke yesterday and she will be coming over tomorrow to stamp with us! I'm kinda excited. One thing that I miss from back home is the get together's with the ladies. So I now have another person here that I can stamp with. How cool is that!

And one for the road.... Since I'm on the "tickled" kick here is a card that I made for a dear friend. It's made with the SU! Tickled Pink set. I got this set a while back and can you believe I've not inked it up!

This card was so super easy to make with my scor-pal. I can honestly say that I could kiss the person who invented that little gadget. And now rumor has it that they have the pad for it. Now you can leave it on your work surface and not have to move it while your creating. You can work on top of it! Check it out on the Scor-Pal site!!!

Well enough of my ramblings, I've got a million things to do today. It's hubby's birthday and I still have not made him a card. Shame, shame on me.

Wishing everyone a very creative day!


Stephenie T. said...

I am so excited to come over and stamp tomorrow. I can't wait to meet your friend either. I love the card, the pink and brown together are great and the piggy is too cute!

Stamping Seasons said...

You cant go wrong with those two colors together. Another fantastic post from you.

Cindy said...

Great shelf Joani, I would love one like it on my desk too. Oh well I'd have to make it myself since hubby is an artist not a builder. LOL.
Great pink card too.

Barb said...

Very nice & like the color but I need to know how you keep your work table so neat or was it just for the pic.....LOL

m.sanderlin said...

Hi Joani,

I love your shelf! I can be alot more creative if I'm organized.

I also luv your "tickled pink" card. Is this a "z" card?


Michelle said...

Great workspace Joani! And that pick card is too cute!

Amanda G said...

A. what a great hubby to make that for you.
B. Looks awesome
C. ON my way over to Vista prints to check out the free products :)