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Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday Monday....

Good morning everyone!! The start of a new week and lot's more time to craft!!!

I had a get together at my house last week and this is what we did. My dear friend Betty came over and brought the goodies to make these wonderful wall hanging's.

When she first stopped in she took our pictures and then went to Walmart and developed them. She showed us how to make these and I think that they turned out great. For the actual pieces we covered up cut up pieces of cereal and soda boxes. How cool is that? I've always kept the thin pieces that come in new paper packs, but I never thought of cereal and soda boxes. My DD actually started to throw away a box that the pop corn came in and I said "No Stop!!" yes, she thought at that point I have lost it and I'm ready for the home... But it's true! Thanks Betty for the tip!
Anyway, as you can see we had stuff all over the table. Then my new found stamping friend Stephenie stopped by. She's new to stamping and she needed some help with invites for her hubby's birthday coming up. I had an idea for her but was not sure. She said that her hubby did not like too much "bling". We kept it simple, but they turned out nice. yes, I forgot to take a pic! But take my word for it, they were cute. And I got to meet a new friend. She "found" me by the sign I had on the car. Yes, the one that my DH did not want me to put on there!!

So here are a few more pic's of the wall hanging. We all did them different and there is so much paper and goodies that we put into them I could not begin to tell you who what is from and where. We did cover the back's too to be able to add more as we go.

We used these pre-printed strips with the wording on them to describe what we feel about each other. Another thing would be to write what you feel about the person. I think that they are great! We also thought that it would be best to add our own at the top instead of underneath.

Here's a picture of the table when we were in action. We
had so much fun!! These two pictures I took ~ I caught them off guard.

I'm off to spend some time with Joyce, she's leaving tomorrow. We are not sure if she'll be back next year because of the air fare prices.
Have a great day!!


Betty said...

Joani Girl --
You are so sneaky! No matter, I had lots of fun.


Anonymous said...

Those pics bring back the Lodi memories, thank you. Joyce & your mom look good.

Stephenie said...

Joani I had so much fun! I really really did. We have to do it again soon.
Thank you for your help on Blogger. I put up another post:D

Nicola said...

They look great fun to make.