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Saturday, September 06, 2008

I'm sorry....

I'm so very sorry that I've not been posting - just a lot going on around here lately.
There has been a few of you ask for the directions to the tri-fold card that I made and posted a few days back ~ I hope to get that posted today, if not then tomorrow at the latest.

I wanted to also thank a couple of wonderful women who have given me yet more blog awards!

Gabby, once again has given me another award. It is the Brillante Weblog award. I must pass this on to 5 women who's blogs I think are brilliant.
  1. Becca over at Amazing Paper Grace. Her cards are amazing for sure!!
  2. Mel over at Mel Stamps. How does she come up with all these links? She's an inspiration.
  3. MaryBeth over at Stampin Space. She always puts a smile on my face.
  4. Linsey over at Outside the Lines. Her ideas always spark my creativity.
  5. Nic over at Gorillamama Greats. Her blog's never boring. She uses a variety of stamps and such you are never bored.

Hmmmm.... Now, I've got another award from Tracy over at Stamping all Seasons. That award is the The Wylde Woman Award. Here are the Rules for this award:

  1. You can give it to 1 or 100 or any number in between - it's up to you.
    Make sure you link their site on this post.
  2. Link back to this blog.
  3. Remember the purpose of this award:
    To send love and acknowledgment to women who brighten your day, teach you new things and live their lives fully with generosity and joy. So here I go!
  • Betty - Stampin' and Scrappin with Betty. This woman I had met this year on the internet and we've become good friends. I look forward to her visits often. She is one awesome lady!
  • Cheryl - Cheryl Stamps and Scraps. This is another amazing woman who I've met on the internet (I'm seeing a pattern here - I don't get out much) and she is a great lady.
  • Julie - Julie's Rubber Temple. I've know her for a few years thru our online stamping group and she's recently started a blog. Julie is a great lady with a wonderful talent.
  • Barb - Barb Cards. Another talented lady I've met on my MSN site. She also makes me smile when I see her cards.

I know that I've forgetting so many wonderful people I've met on line - who inspire me, make me smile and share my love of papercrafting. If you are one of those people who have touched my life - consder yourself awarded!!!

Also for those of you who do not know, September is National Stamping Month. So let's get our juices flowing and see what we can come up with this month!! It's a month to honor all of the hard "work" that we do. Oh, and by the way October 4th this year is National Card Making Day. It's our own little holiday!! For more info on that click here.

I've got a few things to get done, you know ~ house stuff. Geez, sometimes that house stuff interferes with my play time ;-)

So if I dont check back in today - I'll be back tomorrow for sure!

And don't forget to play along with my birthday candy. Who wants some free stuff???



Surya Lesmana said...

Intersting art !

Mel M. M. M. said...

Thank You Darlin'! :O) (I am so bad at posting these (OH the shame!!!) but I will one day.) ;O) i do feel supremely honoured so thank you SOOOOOO much! :O)