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Monday, April 21, 2008

Busy busy busy!!

I just thought that I'd show you what I've been up to this past weekend.

I've been busy making things to sell if you remember at a local Peddler's Mall. Well, so far I've got cards, small notebooks, post it note holders, pens and paintcans. I feel that there is still something missing - something more that I want to make, but I just cant put my finger on it. Of course it will come to me after I take this stuff down and put it in the booth.

These are some if the post it note holders and the notepads that I did. They of course have matching pens with them. For the bag toppers I am going to try my first attempt at making my own rub-ons. I think that I might put something like "a little gift from me to you" on the top. Or something to that effect.

There is so many different papers that I have used it's not funny. So I'm sorry if I can't list everything. BUT, I can tell you that the little notebook right here with the word "notes" in white and the one on the top picture in the middle have the papers used from the Catelynne collection from TAC™. That's one of my favorite papers I think.

Another of my projects was to do some paint cans. I will let you know that the cheapest place I've found paint can's are at Sherman Williams. They are just up the street from me. They are only $1.60 per can for the quart cans. I know the last time I looked at Lowe's they were $3.00 each!!

I wanted to show you an up close look at this can. I "colored" in the image with stickles. I thought that it gave it a cute little touch. The bee on the lid also has stickles on his wings ~ but the picture does not show it. I think I need a new camera.

Here's a look at the front's of the paint cans. I love the brads with the crystals in them ~ I don't use them too much on my cards because they stick out so much and I'm afraid of sending them thru the post office. I know to mark "hand cancel" on them but sometimes they still get damaged.

Well, I hope that you like what you see and I hope that it inspires you to create something nice today. I'm off to create!
More tomorrow.


Jean said...

Joani those post it note holders are gorgeous, love them. Thanks for sharing!

Gabby said...

Dang have been busy! Everything is gorgeous and I hope you sell it all! No...I don't hope...I KNOW you'll sell out!!! I've been busy but with home stuff...we're getting new carpet in!!! UGH!!! Can you imagine all the stuff I have to put away from my craft room!!!??? *faints* LOL!

Stamping Seasons said...

Wow Joani, you have been busy, what a great selection you have... hope you have fun selling it all.

Stampmouse said...

awesome paint cans. Hope you sell lots

Mindy said...

Oh my goodness...your cans are FABULOUS! I need to dig out the one I have left and do it up like yours! WOW! Thanks for sharing!

louise said...

OMG Girl.. have you been busy or what!
What a totally fantastic lot of creations... wish I could come to that peddlers market!

Linsey said...

Crikey, you weren't joking, you have been busy! These are going to be a hit at your booth, no doubt! They are all so wonderful and colorful and delightful in every way! Love these cans too and thanks for the tip--I happen to have a Sherwin Williams nearby too, hopefully some other smart person like you hasn't cleaned them out of paint cans, hehe! Hugs, can't wait to get my Angel goodies and start creating with them too-you are so inspiring!