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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

This is a taste of spring!! We have a tree out front that is just so pretty I had to get a picture. We've got lots of birds here too, and they love to sit in the tree and sing. There are a couple of what I call dumb birds that sit in there also. The bird sits there and flies into the window all day long. We hear this "thump, thump" constantly. Some say that they are seeing a reflection of the tree in the window and they are trying to land on a branch. I think that he see's the curtain rod and thinks it's some kind of a perch to land on. Either way you think the poor little thing would have a headache by now ~ he's been doing it for almost 2 weeks!!!

Enough of that. I wanted to show you what I was up to yesterday. I'm making the frapp bottles to (hopefully) sell at the Peddler's Mall. Well yesterday in between this and that's and such I made 8 of them. Tell me what you think. I'm not sure of what to sell them for. I'm starting the cards at $1.50 which I think is way too reasonable. But things just don't sell here like they did in California. I was thinking maybe $2.00 for the bottles. How about you? What do you think? And no, I did not drink all this. My DD takes them to school each day, so as you can see I've been saving them up.

There is so much to list of products used that I can't list it all! I can tell you that all the paper that was used was from either theangelcompany™ or from SU! The ink is all SU! inks. The ribbon is mostly from Walmart. There was eyelets used from various vendors. I used my SU! Scallop punch for the tops along with my 1 3/8" circle punch and on some the 1 1/4" circle punch also. I used my designer tag punch and the 3/4" circle punch on some. I pulled out the coluzzle and used that for some of the bottle fronts, some I used the tags that came in the paper pack from TAC™.

Here are the same bottles but with a view of the top. I kinda wanted to glue some buttons or something on some of the tops. They kinda look a little plain. But then I love the paper and did not want to hide that.

Here's a picture of the other set that I did. Yes, same as the top - all SU! or TAC™ supplies. I hope that they are a selling item.
I thought about filling them - but I know that if I bought something like this I would not want the candy that's in it. I know, a little weird but you just don't know people these days. So I was thinking of maybe running some paper thru the shredder. I've got some "less than quality" paper and construction paper that I could use to fill them. Maybe even tissue paper. Just something to dress up the empty bottles.
Well - thanks for listening to me ramble on. I tend to do that sometimes. I've got to think about what I should create today. Hmmm, let's see... Whatever it is I'm sure you'll see it tomorrow!


Jackie said...

Poor little bird - I hope he wises up soon! That tree is beautiful. I love what you did with the bottles and what if you put wrapped candy in them, do you think people would mind? I like the shredded paper idea, too.

Mary Beth said...

Beautiful pic'of the tree, Magnolia?! I can just imagine the scent and the beauty of standing beside it, TFS:) Your frappe bottles look fabulous I'm quite sure they will sell for you! ((HUGS))

kssdesigns said...

Joani, these are super cute. I was thinking maybe you had left over easter grass to stuff inside? I know there are a few places out here that have left over easter stuff for 75% off. Just a thought.

Stamping Seasons said...

How cute... they all look so nice.
Very pretty

louise said...

Love the bottles, mabee you could buy cheap bath & beauty products eg bath salts, bubble bars, bubble bath etc and decant them into your bottles? Bubble bars look pretty cool all crumbled up and you just tip a bit in the bath like bubble bath... easy peasy.
Just a thought.
Your tree is gorgeous, I am so jealous.

toni said...

Girl start your cards at at least $2 and your frap bottles at $2.50 They are worth like $5 at least but it's so hard to get people to pay that at a peddlers mall.

melanie said...

They look Great, Love the pink one

Stampmouse said...

beautiful trees

Joan said...

It is so nice to know that someplace in the world there are blossoms on trees. We haven't had any buds yet and tree in it's right mind would want to think about sending out new leaves.....snow, snow and more snow. That's what ya get for being in central Alberta, Canada.
Love all your projects...the little bottles are cute. Joan