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Monday, October 13, 2008

Good Morning

Good morning everyone! I am just popping in with a quick post this morning. You can not imagine the weekend we had at our house.

It was supposed to be a normal weekend, just cleaning up, laundry, going to my SIL's to help out, going to the local orchard for some apple picking, maybe doing some decorating for Halloween. Well, no ~ none of that happened. Last week my DD was off for Fall Break. Strange, yes. When we were in California they never had such a thing. But they do here, and the kids appreciate it.

Well - some of you who do know me know that I am a little strict when it comes to my daughter. There are just some things that I won't let her do, I believe that she is a little too young. Well, I finally caved on one of them. I've never let her go places with her friends in a car. What I mean is when the friend is driving. Well, weekend before last I let her friend drive her home from the Homecoming game. It is only about 2 miles and I thought 'well ok.' That was fine. Then the same friend asked if they could go to the movies this past week - I thought fine.

Danielle asked to stay over at another of her friends house this week for a couple days. This is one of her friends that they were so close not too long ago, but a boy got in the middle of that friendship. Yes, she drives. Well - I thought that it could not be too bad. A couple of nights she was there. I'm not stupid, I know that they were driving around. There really is nothing to do in this town for kids except they all go to Walmart and hangout in the parking lot.

Her friend stopped by on Friday and asked if she could take Danielle to Chuck E. Cheese in the next town - it was a family members birthday. I really did not want to, but I said yes.

Well - about 9:00at night the phone rang. It was Danielle. They were in an accident. Yes, she is ok - just a little bumped up from the impact. But there was no broken bones or blood ~ just a couple of scared girls. Some guy passed them on the road and then stopped sideways in the road in front of them. He claimed that he saw something in the road, which is not to uncommon out here. I took Danielle to the hospital and she is fine, just like I said a little jarred from the impact. And do you know what she told me? She said before they left they BOTH had a feeling that something was going to happen that they asked God to keep them safe on the way home. Really gives you the goosebumps huh? Her friend was smart enough to get right back in the truck and drive home after. She said if she didn't then she would not want to drive again. And I think that Danielle will not be so quick to ask to go with her friends in a car again, at least for a while.

That was the highlight of the weekend. Then there was trauma with our pooch.

Last week I'm not sure if I mentioned it or not - but she was getting this bubble on her ear. It was spongy inside her ear, like it was fluid. Well - we took her to the doggy hospital and she ended up having surgery. She had a hematomia. The doctor said that it was due to her head shaking a lot, due to her allergies. Well, they put her out and got rid of the fluid and put a drain tube in her her. She has to leave it in for 3 weeks. Ricky said that she looks like she belongs in a civil war picture.

Poor girl. We do get to take the bandages off today. They said that the drain tube she has in is stitched so it wont come out. But I'm just concerned that she will paw at it. So we will have to keep a close eye on her. She's a sneaky one :)

Well, that was my eventful weekend. I can say that both my girls suffered some type of trauma over the weekend ~ but they are both A O.K. and they will survive. Sometimes you get thrown a curve ball in life, it's just a test. To see how strong you are. I would like to think that we passed this test. And all is well. It just makes you think how precious life really is.

With that thought I will go. I will be back tomorrow with something, anything.
Have a super day!


Bobbie said... glad tinkerbell is OK... so scary.
angel Hugs...Bobbie

gina said...

Hi Joanni,so sorry to hear all of this, hope she will feel better soon.XO...gina

annmarie said...

Oh Joani! Your poor (and lucky) daughter and poor pooch! Bless both their hearts! I am glad they are both ok. That story gave me goosbumps!