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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Good, um~er, afternoon??

Where does the time go? It's just about noon already. And we are supposed to change our clocks back soon. That will throw me off for about a week or so. Yes, it's Fall back ~ but I'll still be off, especially with it being darker earlier. It will be 6:00pm and I'll think it's time for bed!!!

I did not do much yesterday - but I do have something to show you. I made a Fall card that was a quick and easy one. But I want to show you a little project that I made a couple of months ago and could not show you because it was for Paper Wings.

First the card.

As you all know, I love Fall. So those are my favorite cards to make. But I was antsy yesterday and I just could not sit long enough to do anymore to this card. I had an "alone" day. My Mom went out with my SIL and it was just me and the fur baby all day. But it was one of those do this, do that days. I could not sit still....

I told you that I wanted to show you one of the projects I made for Paper Wings. We are not supposed to show items that we've made for at least 3 months on our blogs ~ so that's why this says Mother's Day on it. But this little box would be fun to make in Christmas colors with a bunch of little tags in it, don't ya think???

I made this for a Mother's Day project. This little box with 6 - 3" x 3" cards and envies. And I just lovethe paper, it's from TAC's Catelyn collection (my FAVORITE by far!!). I know that it's a little hokey - but here is my template. If you click on it you can enlarge it to read it better.

Like I said, if you click on the image it should enlarge for you to read it. I also made ones for my dear friends Joyce and Betty.

I hope you enjoy those. Now, I need to be off to create!
Have a great day!


Barb said...

These are absolutely charming, love the colors & paper.
Smiles, Barb

Argyle Cats said...

your cards are very nice!

Patricia said...

Hi, Joani, The card and box project is great. I think i'm going to make one for my mother-in-law and one for my best friend. One question, though - Do you make the envelopes or do you buy them and, if so, where? Have a good day! Patty

Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

Ouuuuuuu! I love the three little pumpkin faces, SOOOOOh cute! And that 3x3 box. Knockin' my socks off! Hope it's okay that I add this to my 3x3 post; it's irresistibly adorable any time of year! Gorgeous variations. I'm certain that your girlfriends will flip over them. Hugs, :O) mel

Cat said...

What a great idea! These are so cute!

Betty said...

Ok girlfriend - I want to make oodles of these for gifts. Talk to me!


Nicola said...

These are so cute. I am gonna have to make some of these too. Great job.