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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Good morning everyone, I'm sort of back. I want to thank each and every one of you for the kind comments that you've posted and e-mailed me. I can say that they honestly got me thru the past week. Some may think that it is silly to be so wrapped up in a "dog" ~ but she was such a huge part of my life. I told my hubby last night that I don't want another dog - which I'm sure is not true. I just hurt right now - I'm a dog lover and I'm sure that once my pain is gone I will get another. I know it wont be like the one I had, nothing can take her place. But the next one will have his or her own characteristics that make that one special too.

I can say that not working, being at home all day has helped to attribute to my pain. You become closer to your pet. I'm sure that's one of the reasons why it is so hard to. But I need to go on, and you all are a part of that.

I was just fishing thru all of my e-mails and noticed one from ~ they start to send stuff during the holidays. Last year I got quite a few bargains from them. But this time they showed some how to video's that I want to share.

This one was for the Bind-It-All. Now some of you may already have one, some might not. But this little video shows how simple and easy they are to use. And with The Angel Company and their promo you can pick one up for half price until December 3rd. So if you take a look at the video and think that one is for you just contact me Ü

So enjoy the video and if you have any questions just contact me!



renee said...

Hey, so glad you are feeling a bit better! Great having you back big hugs to you!! Renee

"Jany" said...

Thanks for sharing that video! I just bought the blue one used and I'm enjoying it. Now I understand better what that thing in the right (A,B,C and D) thing is.