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Monday, November 03, 2008

Howdy Everyone!

I want to wish all my cyber friends good afternoon!

I hope that your holiday was a safe and happy one, it was a nice holiday here. The weather was perfect! I wanted to share a picture or two with you.

This picture my daughter took of our fur baby. Ginger kinda thinks that she is a people. She's been very spoiled all of her life, treated like my baby. If she were human she would be the kind of child that would always say "Mom likes me more than she likes you" kind of kid. As a matter of fact if you said something to us like "oh, your dogs so cute" she would say "dog? We have a dog? When did we get a dog?". But anyway ~ Danielle put her bunny ears on Ginger, so that was her costume. We put the candy basket next to her and she just posed for us.

Remember when I mentioned that she had to have the tube put in her ear? Well this past Saturday we took her to the vet to have it removed. In just 3 weeks Ginger gained just over 5 pounds - that was from the steroids! So needless to say Ginger dear is on a diet. She just does not know it yet.This picture we took out front. Now as you well know I love Halloween, but this year I really did not decorate for it. We've been so busy with this and that - I did not have time. What you see here we just tossed out really quick after dinner. The skull is one of those inflatable ones, and we stuck a light behind it so it would glow. I always buy things after Halloween on sale. This year I've got some fencing and some more tombstones all 1/2 off!

I did want to share my pumpkin with you. We always buy a punch of pumpkins because we roast the seeds. This year we waited too late to get them and could not find any at all in town. This one we bought when we went to the pumpkin patch, and just this one because those places are generally very expensive. I HAD to have this one because it was cool looking with it's warts. And no, I did not cut it open. I've got it sitting next to the door for fall with my yellow mum. I'm sure that I'll kill it because I don't do well with flowers, but it looks nice for now.

This weekend was a very busy one for us. We planted tulip & Hyacinth bulbs and cleaned out the flower beds. I cleaned the back porch and part of the garage. We've got a lot going to Salvation Army. I always donate things to them, I think that they are a great organization! So needless to say I did not craft this weekend. But stay with me, I'll be back in the next day or two.

Besides, I've got 24 days left before my blog-aversary! So I will be giving some blog candy away!

Tootles for now Ü


Carmen O. said...

What a cute dog story. Your halloween decor was pretty nice. It's nice to get end of the holiday deals. We've been looking for makeup but that's the first thing to go.

Argyle Cats said...

I really like your snowman and cat card. I noticed that you live in Georgetown, I have a lot of family in Maysville.

marsha said...


Your fur baby is such a cutie pie! I'm so glad she is doing better now.

Linsey said...

LOL!!!! You just cracked me up with this entire post, gf! First off, Miss Ginger baby is way adorable as a bunny--oooh, and look at all that yummy candy-too bad she won't get to eat it--since she thinks she's a people and all,hahaha! I think your Halloween decorations look superb! And your warty pumpkin--well, I'm just happy somebody loved it enough to adopt it, LOL! I'm glad you're busy getting all those gorgeous bulbs planted for Spring, boy-it'll come before we know it! Thanks for sharing this great post--it really cheered me up! hugs~