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Monday, March 09, 2009

Happy Monday!

Did you make it thru the weekend ok? I did. I'm sorry for not posting on Friday, but Betty came over and we had a play day. I just love those! We sit and gab and sometimes get nothing done ~ then sometimes we get a lot done! I was so proud of Betty this time, she finished 3 things!! We went to the scrapbook store here in town, she's never been - then we stopped and had a quick bite to eat and came back home and worked some more. It was a fun day, and I didn't even make cookies!
I do want to show you my bunny basket. I know I posted it last week, but I kept looking at it and it needed something else so I doodled around the edges.

Looks a little better, huh?

When Betty came over she brought some of the Target mailboxes. I was so excited because I've wanted to make one of those forever!!! There is no Target here in town and I don't get to Lexington too much so I've never been able to purchase these. But Mrs. Betty gave me 4 of them!! I was so jazzed that I knew exactly what I wanted to do Friday!!!So here it is! I made it for Danielle. She was a little down when she left for school, we had a "discussion" and she was bummed so I thought that I'd cheer her up. It was one of those "you won't understand til you have kids" kind of discussions. But let's say when she came home she was in a better mood.

When Betty came over I pulled everything out that I had to alter and told her to have a go at it. She picked out whatever she wanted to and worked on it. One thing that I pulled out was these giant clothes pins. So I made one to match for Danielle. So, how do you like them.
I've got a sneek peek up my sleeve too. Wanna see? It involves this:

And I will also have a picture of a card that I made with one of my new TAC sets! It's very "spring-y"!!So stay tuned!!

Have a great day!



Carmen O. said...

Wow Joani, you sure were busy! I love all your creations. I hope someday to do a mailbox too. So what did your DD say about it? I love the pp you used for the mailbox and clip. Beautiful work as usual.

Cindy said...

Hi Joani, Love the mail box, you did a great job on it, and I bet Danielle loved it too. Nice way of saying I love you after the talk LOL.

StampingSeasons said...

WOW you have been busy Joani. Love what you have created... new sets look cool too!! Cant wait to see what you do with them

StampinCarol said...

Boy, you sure had a great creative day! And the mailbox is wonderful! Will be watching to see what you do with the shelf liner and new sets!