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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm sorry...

I'm sorry that I've not been around the past few days.  I've just been busy ~ and yesterday was our Anniversary.  Of course I did spend most of it sick.  I've not been feeling too well.  I think it's some kind of flu bug or something.  AND we got a new puppy on Sunday.  We are not too sure of what she is.  She's kinda fluffy and has black spots on her tongue like a Chow - but her tag said Lab mix and her litter mates said Sheppard.  So who really knows.  We picked her up at the Lexington Humane Society.  They are a great place.  I know when we lived in California we gave money to the local Humane Society there and that's where we picked up Ginger.

She is a sweet little thing.  She is so tiny too.  It's hard to believe that she is 8 weeks old.  How do they really know what the dogs are, or how old they are when people just drop them off?  But she is a sweet little girl and I've got to show her off.

Look at that face?  She's adorable!!

Doesn't she look like a little bear?  It's hard to see her at night in the house because she is completely black.  She does have 6 hairs on the tip of her tail that are white.  I told Ricky that I'm going to buy her a glow in the dark costume for Halloween so we can see where she is...

Look at that face?  Which one you say??  he he he... 

I will be back in the next couple of days to show you some more stuff.  I'm just super busy and not really feeling that well.

Have a super great day!


Beth said...

OMG! The puppy is adorable.....

Take a look at my bog, and there is a picture of our dog named Shadow. Your puppy looks EXACTLY like she did when she was a puppy. Our pound called her a Black lab/sheppard mix...and that seems pretty accurate. She is a wonderful dog! Great with kids and other dogs...even "loves" on our cat. She used to carry the cat around in her mouth when she was a kitten!

Best of luck to you and your new family member!


Julie Temple said...

Oh Joani she is adorable! No, she isn't Ginger, but you will love her, and she will love you, too! I can tell Ricky is smitten...too cute! Have fun and thanks for sharing!


Bobbie said...

OH adorable..who you ask ? the puppy or Ricky tee hee both of course. It will be fun watching her grow up. what is her name ?

Angel Hugs...Bobbie

Bridgett said...

What a sweet baby! I am sure Ginger loves having such a wonderful home now. Hope you feel better soon and happy belated anniversary!

Susiestampr said...

Happy Anniversary, that little dog is cute....hope you get to feeling better.......

Munkeezmama said...

I too am curious to know what her name will be. There's always room in our hearts for a new pet. Get well fast!

the Purple One said...

I am so happy you got a new puppy to love in your life! yeah Joani!!
Keep pictures of her comming, she is really cute!
Hope you are feeling better, what a rotten way to spend your anniversary!

Barb said...

Awe Joani, that face is precious, what a perfect little darling. You'll have way too much fun raising this furry little bundle. Hope you're feeling better soon. Happy belated anniversary.

Nicola said...

She is the cutest thing. I can see mischief written all over her face. I bet she is going to keep you on your toes.


Anonymous said...

Your wee pup is beautiful and i think she's a Padderdale terrier pup. She is identical to my mums dog. Hope you are having fun with her. Lee Northern Ireland