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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy Monday Morning!

Good morning everyone, I hope that today finds you well. 

I was so excited last night when Danielle called me.  She was with her friends out shopping and she called and said "Mom, do you want a crop a dile?"  I didn't understand her or she didn't understand me but I said "HUH? No you know I have one."  She was a little excited and she said "No Mom.  The Big Bite"  Well I never got around to buying one of those so I asked her "How much is it?  And where the heck are you?"  She stopped in to Walmart and since I've trained her right (he he he...) she always checks out the clearance items first.  On the clearance isle was a Big Bite for only $10.00 - of course she needed to get it!!
When she brought it home I had to inspect it, I was wondering why in the heck was it only $10.00???  Other than the package being a little torn there is no reason that I can tell why it's on clearance.  But who am I to argue??

I am so very sorry for the delay in posting.  I've just been busy with life.  I've wanted to change my blog template too and that's been more of a bother than not.  I am undecided on a few things ~ but change is what I want to do.  So some day (hopefully soon) you'll stop in and see things different. 

I've been making quite a few cards lately too.  Mom and I went to our LSS and the owner had acquired a bunch of stamps from another store up North that is closing.  It was my duty as a stamper to take peek... of course Ü  I did get a new Bella stamp.  And yes, because there is a cupcake...
You like??
I stamped the balloons again and used pop dots to add a little more to the card.  She reminded me of Danielle so I colored her blonde.

That's all I've got for you today.  I hope that you like to card.  I'll be back tomorrow to show you more!  Have a super great day where ever you may be.


marsha said...

Oh my, this is gorgeous Joani! I love your layout and all the embellishments - simply stunning! And thanks for the kind words and condolences for the loss of Pride.


Carrie said...

Wow, Good buy. I have one and paid a lot more for mine. I personally don't care for how it sets eyelets and use my older cheaper tool. I'll check yours out when I come visit, maybe mine is defective