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Monday, April 06, 2009

Got some pictures for you....

Saturday was the greatest day! Well, it did not start off too great ~ but it ended great!
Betty came over early and we were headed off to a Splitcoast Stampers get together! We were about 1/2 way there when the car died. So here we are off the side of the interstate not knowing what was going to happen when Betty called her sister. She was in the very same town!! Betty's sister was ever so kind enough to bring us her car and her boyfriend was on his way to pick up Betty's car. So we were back on our way to the get together ~ and BTW, the cap for the coolant was just loose so it was nothing major with the car - thank goodness.
When we first walked in we were greeted by our wonderful hostesses Pat (Patc45) and Beth (kaitysmom) with this awesome gift bag. It was so darn heavy and I really did not look in it til I got home. My goodness look at all the goodies!!!

We were only about an hour late-not too bad. Then after a well deserved potty break we sat down and got to work. When we got there we sat down and started creating. It was a shoebox swap so everyone had to bring a card and all the pieces for all of us to do. We made something like 12 or 13 cards. The first couple of cards I kept track of who's was who's then I didn't, I got caught up in the frenzy of it.
I do know that Beth was the maker of the adorable flower pot card. Mom's was the purple one of the left.
I just love those swing cards. They are easy to make and I love how the recipient has some interaction with the card.That daisy card was cool! I've never done a card like that before - very cool!
I believe the swing card on the left was Jo Ann's (Josie0410) and she makes the BESTEST fudge in the world!!The grey card with the pink button was Betty's.
We had to make a gift for the "bad bunny" exchange. They called a name and we got to go up and pick out a gift. But if someone see's your gift and likes it then they can take your gift and you go up and get another one. So this is what I picked out, and no one took it away from me. I was wanting that set too!Then Pat said to us that we were all sitting on an egg. So we felt under out chairs and there was an egg taped to it. So in my egg there was a re-inker ~ and it was an inker that I did not have!And how cool is this? There was a lady who Betty's talked to and has placed orders from her for a few years. Her name is Janice (jent) and Betty finally got to meet her in person! That was so cool, and she is the neatest lady!Well - I hope that these cards give you all some inspiration, they sure did me! I will be back tomorrow with some more to show you!

Have a great day!



Carmen O. said...

Wow looks like you had a great time and got to make some awesome cards! And the prizes and goodies look fabulous too.

So glad to read the car problem wasn't a costly one!

Have a wonderful Monday!

The Digi Shack said...

Wow Joani, sounds like so much fun! Sounds like you had a blast and those cards are so YUMMY!



Just looking at the pics makes me melancholy for the great times we had at our 'meetings' at your house Joani. Glad to see you had a fabby time.