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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Magazine Rack Tutorial

Hello and good morning everyone! Today looks like it is going to be a bright and wonderful day!! The sun is shining and they say it's going to be in the low 70's today. Tomorrow starts off the next few days in the mid 80's. Let me tell you, when they talk about strange Kentucky weather they mean it. Just the past few days were rainy and a little chilly. Now it's going to be in the 70's and 80's... You never know when to put up the sweatshirts and pull out the shorts!

I promised you a tutorial a while back and I'm going to post it. No excuses, I've been a flake *Ü*

Ready, here we go!

To start off with you will take a sheet of paper that is cut 10 1/2" x 12"
This photo shows where you will score and where you will cut. If you can not read the photo directions you should be able to click on the picture and it will bring it up bigger for you.
You will score on the solid black lines and cut where there are no lines. Basically cut in 4 1/2" from the edges on each side 1 1/2" up from the bottom and cut in 4 1/2" on each side 6" up from the bottom.
Now I may have trouble explaining this part. My mouth and my brain have trouble communicating sometimes...

Take the bottom flap that is 1 1/2" and fold it so it is standing up and hold it, then take either side flap (right side shown folded in) and fold flap "a" up and over the 1 1/2" flap and secure. Then do the same for the left side.

Once both sides are folded up and secured it should look like this. Now you will take the top part, which is actually the sides, and fold up and secure with take to the sides you just folded in.

This is what it should look like once it is completed and taped together. I use it to hold little 1/4 sheets or cards that I've received and like to look at. The heavier the paper the stronger it is. You can decorate the outside with rub ons and little punched pieces. There are lot's of things you can do with these.

I hope that you enjoyed your tutorial. PLEASE, if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. Sometimes like I said my brain and my mouth don't communicate well so the directions may not be totally clear.

Have a great day. I'm off to create more Mother's day cards. I'll show you tomorrow!Hugs,



Carmen O. said...

Wow Joani this is fabulous!! Thanks for taking the time to do a tutorial and getting clear pictures too. I hope to make this sometime soon. Beautiful work!

Nicola said...

I got one of these with my order from you and was wondering how you did it. Thanks for the tutorial.


bumblebee creations said...

oh thank you I have been waiting for this tutorial!!! Awesome! thank you!

Barb said...

These are way too darling.