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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy Weekend!

Happy Weekend everyone! I hope that today finds you well!
The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and it looks beautiful outside. Then please tell me why am I sitting at the computer in my PJ's? Well to show you all a couple of pictures, silly!
I have neglected you pretty much all week. I think that I've had a bit of the dull-drums. Of course yesterday was beautiful too and tomorrow we've got a storm coming in. It's just the way the ball bounces I guess. I get kinda sad because we really don't have much of a spring here. It seems to go from cold winter to hot summer in a flash. So these pretty days I cherish. I've got a couple of pictures of my tulips to show you. Yes, I know they are not craft related but I pretty much talk about everything here.
The sun was out yesterday afternoon and it was shining on the flowerbed. It looked so pretty that I had to snap a few pictures. Tulips are one of my favorite flowers, but they don't last too long so I had to snap these pictures!
This year in one of Danielle's classes they were having a fund raiser and they were selling flower bulbs. I like this idea better than the cookie dough or candy bars. Yes, I love the cookie dough (don't I Betty?) but the bulbs is something that everyone can share in the beauty. So I bought a few and these are the black tulips. I know they look purple. But they are so pretty.

Ok ~ were done with the flowers... Thanks for staying with me...

Now I want to show you the happy mail that I received yesterday. I was in a swap in the Swaps group over on Paper Craft Planet and these are the cards that I received. They are all so cool. Isn't it kinda neat to see all the different ways people craft. I'm always amazed at what people come up with.
I'm sorry but that's all I have for today. I've got to get the day going. Today is Danielle's junior prom and we've got a million things to do!!

Have a great day everyone!


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