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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Just an update

Since some of you were so kind to let me know that you were sending cards in for Evan.  If you missed it, I posted the info in this original post HERE.

So here is the update...
This was a post that my friend Norma who originally let me know about little Evan:

I was so happy to get this letter and I know all of you will be too...........Thanks
Paula is Evan's mom and daughter to Cyndi, my friend from NY.........

Paula got an email from the teacher yesterday and she is just flabbergasted at how many cards Evan is getting. She is amazed at how well it is making the class accept Evan. She said each morning when the mail comes the kids all want to know how many cards Evan has gotten. She said that they may win two prizes. One for Evan having the most cards from the most places and one for the class as a whole having the most cards. So the teacher is so excited. She told Paula she never expected this and she is just so choked up every day when the mail comes. And she said that Evan just sits there proud as a peacock and says my Grandma Froggy has lots of friends and they all like me! So believe me it is making a difference and is working. I am so grateful to everyone that is helping out. Some people are even sending two or three cards and using friends and relatives names. The whole school is talking about it. Paula said she goes in on Monday for a parent/teacher conference so she is going see the cards and then she can get an idea of how many so far and where they are coming from. She was in tears yesterday when she called me because she couldn't believe so many people would help her little boy out like this.Thanks, thanks, thanks and thanks again!!!!
Thank you all.  And there is time, you can still send a card out if you want to.  Just go to my original post HERE and the address is posted there.  Thank you all!


Rhonda Miller said...

That is sooo great. Thanks for the update.

Seongsook Duncan said...

So pleased to hear that. Thanks to Rhonda who spread the word.

Whimcees said...


I was so happy to see the update on Evan as I have wondered how he is doing! I have posted your update and photo to my blog as there have been so many that saw the original post and have let me know that they sent cards.

Wishing you a great day today!

Barbara Diane

Jackie Thomas said...

Just found about this beautiful idea from Barbara Diane. I have a little boy with Aspergers (high functioning autism) and I know exactly how heart wrenching this can be. I have just finished making Evan a card and will send it onto him today. xo Jackie

Bridgett said...

Thank you for sharing this information on your blog and giving everyone the opportunity to make a difference for this little boy and his school! I posted the links to your blog (original post) and (update) and I plan on creating a card for him, as well.
Angel Hugs,

Angela K said...

I will be putting one in the mail tomorrow!