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Friday, February 12, 2010

A little Valentine for the teacher

Yes, once again I've been hoodwinked by that teenager!  Danielle wanted me to make something for her for a couple of her teachers so since she was home yesterday from school because of another snow day I had her help.
I am so sorry for the picture.  It is a little blurry.  I think that it is time for a new camera Ü  But I took the picture of them on the kitchen table on top of Danielle's laptop.  You can see the electric broom in the background.  Ansel Adams I'm not...

But I picked up the template over at Lauren's My Time Made Easy.   Danielle wanted to do the tin mailboxes and I only have 1 left so I had to make them.  I don't get to Target very often and they are normally there for $1.00 each.  I had traced the template on to onion skin from her laptop and glued it to some thin chipboard.  I normally put all my templates on to chipboard so they are sturdy and they last.  I would of printed it on to the card stock but I'm out of ink in my printer.  Anyway, I had Danielle cut them out and then I put everything together.  They turned out cute.  Then we went to the Dollar Tree and got some candy to fill them with.  She wanted to put their initial on them so we used some Rub on's. 

Go take a peek at Lauren's store.  You will like it I'm sure. 

I am waiting patiently for the UPS man to show up.  I have 2 different orders coming in.  One from SU! and one from The Angel Company.  Let me tell you - If I have to throw myself in front of the truck I will, he's just got to stop!!  And I'm also in the process of changing my blog up a little bit.  You all know that I love cuppy cakes, so you might see that in the next couple of days.  But tell me, what attracts you to a blog?  When you click on a blog what makes you say "oooh" and "ahhhh"?  I'd love to hear the feedback.

So that being said - I think that I will be off for now.  Have a great afternoon!!


Jenny said...

Too cute!! LOL I know how it is to wait for a package!!! :D just dont kill yourself for it! haha What makes me like some blogs is all about personality, the way someone writes and just overall appeal to the person. All we have is words since we dont know them personally. :)

marsha said...

So cute! I just love these little mailboxes!
Hugs, Marsha

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see what you got. I've never seen anything from the Angel Company. Don't scare the UPS man!!!