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Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm sorry if....

I'm sorry if I've not shown any new posts of crafts things lately. I've been a bit pre-occupied the past few days.

I've received a couple of e-mails saying that I've had a couple of subscribers unsubscribe because the content was no longer relevant. I take that as "not crafty". But I will be showing some things in a couple of days - promise.

I know that I've been off the crafting mode, but I've had some issues come up - that I mentioned - and I have not had time to make anything. I've wanted to, but life has stepped in. Today I had to take Mom to the doctor for a follow up. They said that she needs to go in for some more tests. We will be doing that this Friday. So just keep her in your prayers, I'd appreciate it.

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Now off to finish some more laundry and hopefully make at least one card Ü



Carmen O. said...

Sorry about people blog is to keep in touch with long distance family and friends as well as my creative endeavors, so I don't mind reading your blog without cards,etc. I hope your mom is doing well!

Bridgett said...

I will continue to pray for your mother and hope she will continue to do well and keep improving.

I had a subscriber unsubscribe for the same reason and as much as it saddens me that I am not posting something they want...they didn't ever tell me so I feel like I can't fix something if I don't know it's broken. Just remember the majority of us love your blog and I for one enjoy sharing a part of your life if only through a blog post!!

Take care!


Bobbie said...

Joani...jus keep doing what you are doing...everything dosen't have to be about making cards etc. Your family is very important and we love hearing about them. Rose...We love you and will keep on praying for you.
Angel Hugs...Bobbie

Kym's Crafty Cards said...

Joani, I was sorry to hear about your Mum. It must be a very worrying time for you all. I do like to see peoples' creations on their blogs but first and foremost we are human beings and our personal life/home life or even health can take over things and our crafting has to go on the back burner. Personally I would prefer to know what is going on with someone even if it be non-crafty rather than just wonder where they have gone to. Thos that are your true followers will fully understand your situation and await your creations when time/health permits.

I have CFS/ME and I can't always craft when I want to so there are sometimes gaps in my blogs but thankfully no-one has unsubscribed to my blog - but then I haven't got many followers anyway - but if they did it might upset me at first but then my husband would knock me into shape and say that if they can't understand crises happening then so be it.

Sending some hugs and best wishes to you and your family.

Kym xxx

Mary Beth said...

Sorry my friend that I haven't been blogging lately to read what has been going on with your Mom. My thougts & prayers are with her and all of you that things work out in a positive manner. In the meantime try to stay healthy - I know from experience what worries can do:) Keep us posted:) Crafty posts can wait, if others can't see past that then it's their lose! (HUGS) Luv, M.B.


Hi Joani,you are doing an awesome job with your blog and I love popping in to see how you are doing. That includes your family as well as seeing your great creations. Don't let the few poopers bring you down, the true friends will be here to keep you up and smiling.

Betty said...

Joani - How tacky of someone to say that about a blog (no matter who's it is) There are professional bloggers out there, let them find those. I really find most people just like keeping in touch and seeing something crafty listed is just another perk. Hope that person doesn't go to mine, they will surely be disappointed, but that's not my purpose of having a blog.
PS - give Rose a hug, I know she needs one....

bumblebee creations said...

Hi! I wouldn't worry -your blog is amazing-and I enjoy reading it, and obviously you have others who do too!! We all get things that come up-that are just simply more important at the time! (and everyone knows that life just gets too busy anyhow sometimes!!!) You'll get the chance to make a card and then you'll feel better! Have a great and don't forget to put your smile on!! : )