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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Thanks everyone for the kind comments ~ and some awards!!

Thanks everyone for the kind comments that you left about my Mom. She is doing ok, really. And it makes her smile when I tell her how many people are sending their thoughts and prayers. She'd kill me if she knew I said anything, but she is 75 and I just worry about her. She is pretty much all the family I have left. I have cousins, of which only a few I've met. And most of them are all over the states. But she's all I've got and I plan to keep her as long as I can Ü

And it's amazing. How many of you actually read blogs? I think a lot that I write and I am just doing it for my own satisfaction, but it seems that a lot of you actually read what I have to say. I'm that way. When I look at peoples blogs, I actually read what they have to say. I mean, I am taking time to go to their blog to look at it, and they are taking time to keep it up ~ so why not read it. I don't pop in just to look at their cards - I want to read it. But then I am a reader anyway. It makes me feel like I am getting to know the person. Am I rambling? Sorry....
Enough. I thought that I'd show you some awards that I received...
These awards were given to me by Liv. How sweet of her!

The first thing to do is to mention 5 things I'm addicted to ~ oh, that's hard (only 5):

  1. Stamping. I MUST do something every day or I get cranky Ü
  2. Pepsi. Actually Cherry Pepsi. That's another daily habit that I've HAVE to kick. It's just so hard....
  3. The computer. But if I wasn't I would not have so many friends ;-)
  4. My hunter's socks. My hubby bought me some hunters socks for Christmas and I am so addicted to them. I wear them all the time! I love them, they are so comfy....
  5. Cookies. I'm a lover of cookies. As Betty ~ every time she's here I've got warm cookies for her...

Now the hard part. To pick out 5 people to give these to. That's hard because I love everyones blogs. There is a little bit of something everywhere that keeps me coming back.

  1. Barb - Her cards are always so pretty. There is quite a few of her cards that I've got saved, and will not share :-)
  2. Nicola - One gal who always puts a smile on my face with her kind comments.
  3. Julie - One special gal - who knows what life is like with a teenage daughter.
  4. Gabby - Because she helped me into the world of blogging! And because she ROCKS!
  5. Toni - Who introduced me into the wonderful world of TAC!

Now I'm off to do something, even if it's not right!



Julie Temple said...

OMG you are the sweetest, Girl! Thank you so much! I love you, too!


emma said...

congrats on your awards, so very much deserevd. thank you for visiting my blog and for your lovely comments, love your blog too and will defenatly be a regular visiter
love emma

Barb said...

Congratulations, you so deserve it & thank you that was just so sweet of you to share with me. Guess I had it right about the bird incident & good

Bridgett said...

Kudos to you on the awards! I love to read blogs, too, so I know what you are saying and keep rambling girl because I am listening!!!

Gabby said...

Very well deserved award Joani...your work is FABULOUS! I absolutely LOVE all your work! Also...TY Joani! You are one FABBY chick! {HUGS}