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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ok, NOW it's Thursday!

My goodness, at least I've got the day right ~ that's a start!! But yesterday did prove to be a good day. I was busy as a bee.....
Wanna see? But first you've got to listen to my babble, but it wont take long - PROMISE!
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That was not too painful was it??? Now are you ready to see what I've been up to? Ok, here goes....

Remember the other day when I mentioned the site I found called Making Mini Scrapbooks (which I have linked on my sidebar)? Well I had printed off the Christmas Card Tracker that she had. OMGoodness, years ago I had one that I bought from Current and loved it. I generally use pencil on things like this and address books ~ and mine was used over and over again. Years beyond what it was made for. So you've got to know when I found this site I was so excited!! So I made one yesterday for my cousin Dolly and myself.
For Dolly's I used all TAC paper, called Mulberry Meadow. I thought that it was pretty. I used a few different punches, added rick rack and ribbon, buttons, rub-on's and a few primas. I think that it turned out kinda nice, don't you?

Then I made mine.

(The last image I accidently deleted and for some reason Blogger wont let me re-post it. Sorry!)

On mine I used all SU! DP. I love apples, I have that theme in my kitchen ~ and of course I've saved the paper forever so it was time to use it! I added rick rack, ribbons, buttons and some rub-on's from Marcella K - that by the way I thought worked perfect with the colors.
Lately when I make things like this - or sometimes even cards, I like to use my glue gun to add flowers or buttons. It's fast, and the glue gun is low temp so it does not wrinkle the paper. That way I know they stay put. There is nothing worse than getting a card that has things that fell off of it.
Ok, I've got one more thing to show you. I made a little album for family photos. I guess I was on a Bind-It-All album making kick yesterday!

More of the same. SU! DP, ribbon, buttons, flowers.... The sentiment was done on the computer. The covers on all of the albums are this thin cardboard like stuff that hubby brought home from work. I cover both sides with paper, but I use my Mod Podge to adhere it. I love that stuff!! Once it's dry it because harder so the covers are stiff. Of course I had to sit on it while it was drying to keep it flat...
Today was a long post, yes. So thank you for sticking it out with me. I better go and do something constructive now, huh?
Here's to wishing you a great (and warm) day!


LuLu said...

My goodness, you have been busy. Loving all these little books and I must now make one myself as it would definitely help me to stop forgetting all the time ! ! !

Carmen O. said...

Wow girl you have been busy! Love all the books you've made. I especially like the apple one, love the bright colors. Beautiful work!

Barb said...

Good grief... you've been busy! LOVE all of these books, Joani!!

Toni said...

Wow Joani, these are fantastical! I may have to try to make one :) Great Job!