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Thursday, April 08, 2010

A couple of my favorites...

I'm here today, barely...  Yesterday was what I call "run around day" at the McDonald house.  The neighbors must of thought that I was crazy with all the in and out's I was doing yesterday.  I had to take Danielle and Mom everywhere.  I put a few miles under my belt I should say, and that was just in town driving.  And then this morning I wake up to find the day gloomy.  The weather's been so pretty out and now today is gloomy ~ or what I call 'funeral weather'.  All grey and blahhhh!!

So I think that I'll show you some perky, cheerful cards.  How's that?  To take away from the dull drums.
Here is one of the cards that I was working on to sell a while back.  I just love that chef from the Voila set.  I love to paper piece him whenever possible too!  And once again paper from the Sweet Always collection.  That's one favorite that I'd love for SU to bring back!  The image fits perfect on the easel cards too!  So wadda ya think?
Now how cheerful and bright can you get with this card?  I love the set Time Well Spent.  A while back I asked a friend of mine, Keersten, if she'd stamp some images for me because I knew that her being a SU! demo had received this set.  She said that she had not even put it together that she did not care for it and she sold it to me.  Yes Keersten, you loss was my gain Ü I've used this set SO many times - It's one of my favorites for sure!!  Thank you!

So I made a flower pot card and stamped and cut all those flowers out.  What better to do with them than to add stickles to all the flowers?  That really made them pop!  It was a lot of cutting but it does not bother me because like I said it's one of my favorites...
I've also got a digi page here of Dixie this past winter in the snow.  She loved being out in the snow and cold.  These past few days when it's been warm she's been kinda lazy and not wanted to go outside.  Today it rained and it's a little cooler and she's been outside most of the morning.  Crazy girl!!  But it's her first spring and she's not sure what to make of the changing seasons.  Now if I could only stop her from chasing the bee's and wasps!

I hope that you all have a wonderful day!  I'm now off to create!

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