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Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy Friday!!

Woo Hoo!! It's Friday!!  Weekend here we come.  Or shall I say Senior Prom here we come!!  Thank goodness...

Prom has been such drama this year.  I'm going to be glad when it is over...  I'll post pictures after it.  My whole problem with it was the dress this year.  Danielle went to the mall with all intentions of getting a big poofy Cinderella type dress this year ~ what we came home with could not of been any more opposite than that.  But that's all I'm saying for now...  You'll see...

Enough of that (before my blood pressure goes up again Ü) you wanna see some cards...  I do have to say sorry in advance for these.  I didn't write down what I used and I'm not sure of the paper on these ~ but at least they may give you some inspiration.
When we went to our gathering last week we got on the subject of bra's.  I don't know how - that's always happening with me.  I can be on one subject talking about one thing and choo-choo my train derails and I'm on another track...  My Mom says it's age, I hope not!  Anyway I made this card for Betty.  And she just told me that she's already paid it forward.  How perfect is that!!  I'm glad. 
This card I used my Angel Company set called Brighten Girl.  I love this little set, and it kinda reminds me of the Hello Kitty stuff from my childhood.  It also reminds me a great deal of the designs over at Softpencil.  If you've not gone there you must!!  There are so many adorable digi designs!!  But be sure to come back here.

I know that it's not much - I always feel terrible if I don't post much ~ or the materials I've used on my cards.  There are a few cards that I've made that I did not write down what I used and if I don't and try to do it by memory then I'm in trouble Ü.  If you would like to know who the vendor is for the bra and panties then I can get it for you.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

1 comment:

Bridgett said...

Great cards!! So fun!! Hope your daughter has a fabulous prom!!!
Angel Hugs,