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Monday, April 05, 2010

Moving Day...

It's moving day for me.  No, no...  Not my blog or my house.  I am moving all of my craft stuff from the dining room back to my craft room.  The weather has been just beautiful lately and I can't help but think (or hope) that it is going to stay that way.  So that brings me back to the craft room.  I'm sure that for the first few days I will do nothing by day dream and look out the windows at the wonders of spring.  The birds and the blooms.  It's always so pretty.

Not that I'm being sappy or anything ~ but when I worked full time I didn't stop to see that.  The seasons.  It was hurry and get to work, hurry and get home.  But now I cherish my time a little more.  Or let's say I've grown older (ugh...) and I've learned to appreciate things different. 

That brings me to the move.  I'm sure that I will have something to post for you tomorrow - so stay tuned.  But for the rest of the day it will be back to moving my supplies and probably doing a little re-organizing.  Then I just might take Dixie for a walk.

While I'm away maybe take a peek over at Kevin and Amanda's blog.  She's got some new fonts up that are adorable!!  You can either got to her scrapbooking font's blog, her handwriting font's blog or their regular blog.  Trust me, it is something that you can spend a whole day at!  There is so much to see!!!  Click on the buttons below to be taken to them.

Have a wonderful day!


Renee said...

Good luck with the move :) And now I am off to check out kevin & Amanda site. thanks for sharing, Blessings

Patti J said...

Good luck with moving day! We just moved all of my craft stuff completely out, added a few things and moved it all back in - big job! I retired last July, and you are right about enjoying each day and taking time for things we didn't used to have time for! Hugs!