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Monday, April 19, 2010

Just sharing...

Hi Everyone!
Well, as most of you all know I've been talking about Danielle and her senior prom. 
I just thought that I'd post a couple pictures of Danielle and her friends dressed for prom Saturday. It is their senior prom and they thought that taking pictures at the cemetery in town would be fun. At first I thought that it was a little "weird" but the twins (her best friends that are in the pic's) Mom is a photographer and she took them ~ and if your in the area and need pictures, she's wonderful!

Danielle and her BF Tyler...
Danielle, her BFF's and their guys...
Just the girls...
The group...

To add to all the drama of Prom - Danielle worked Friday night and she fell at work. It was midnight and I ended up taking her to the hospital to have her checked out. She was hurting ~ and in tears because she was afraid that she was going to miss prom. She sprained the muscles in her back. She is sore but she's doing fine. I think that there was nothing that was keeping her from prom.

And the dress... Drama from the word go!! We took her to the mall to find that "one of a kind big, poofey Cinderella" dress. After HOURS of walking and trying on dresses this is what she came home with. I was not too happy. I didn't and still really don't like it. It's really not prom dress material. But as you can see, it's the style with the kids. We had to take the dress to a seamstress, mostly to fix the whole "boob-age" area as Danielle would put it. She could not do anything for her - but she did sew the black panels on the two side so she would not fall out on the sides. Bra? Um, no. We searched and searched and still could not find anything for her. We ended up getting some "tape" from Victoria's Secret to hold the top together - but it still was not just right but it worked fine for the evening.

Even though I did not like the dress I still think that she looked amazing in it!! And when we went and got her hair done Saturday we were on our way home and she wanted to stop at McDonald's and get something, she was hungry. So she was eating her 2 apple pies and said "now I can eat whatever I want". I guess she was trying to be really good to stay in that size 7!!

Sorry this post is so long - I just had to share. My little girl is little no more...

I'll try to be back later to post a creation ~ if not, I'll be here tomorrow for sure.  Thanks for looking.


Gabby said...

She looks beautiful Joani! I LOVE her though you don't! :P OMG I can't believe it...our kids are growing up so fast...I remember little Tinkerbell!!! God Joani...we;re freakin' old! HAHAHAHAHA!

marsha said...

She looks absolutely stunning! The dress looks great on her and she looks happy. It is a shame that they grow up. Congratulations on raising a beautiful daughter.

Hugs, Marsha

Carrie said...

Lovely, Can't believe that Tinker Bell is all grown up!!!!!

Patti J said...

Looks like they had a lot of fun! If she felt good about herself and liked the dress, I guess that's what matters most! She's a beauty, mom - and sounds like you raised her well! Glad they had a good time, and that dress will be a 'story for Danielle's grandchildren' someday! Hugs!

Bobbie said...

Where oh where has Tinker Bell gone?
Where oh where can she be?
She is beautiful Joani so grown up. You must be missing your " little girl "