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Friday, April 30, 2010


I'm not sure what happened the other day but it looks like I can post pictures again.  Something was "wonky" the other day and it looks like it fixed itself or it's back to normal.  I've heard that not all blogs were like this - but I'm glad that it fixed itself.

So - without making you wait any longer, here are those teacher appreciation gifts that I promised to show you.
The base notebook is made from Soft Sky card stock. The DP does not list on it where it is from, sorry.

I used stamps from Rubber Stampede to accent the notebook. I used my little sewing machine from Provo Craft for the stitching and I tied ribbons around the pen after I inserted the DP in the barrel.
Here is an up close of the little school bus that I stamped inside on a few pages.  I've had this school bus for years and I don't get a chance to use it often so I was glad for this opportunity.  After all, this is her last year - next is college.
The base of this holder is Apricot Appeal. 

I stamped the little chalkboard inside these.  It is also from Rubber Stampede.

They are very easy to make.  I had found them over at Carolina's Creative Pad.  She did not give the dimensions of the notepad - so when I first started to make them I used some cheap paper to try first.  Do you know how many times I've tried to make something and I ended up wasting good paper?  So now I use cheap paper or white paper to first try.  I had to adjust the dimensions for this because the notepad is 5" x 8"

I'm off ~ I'm taking Dixie for a walk and I see there is a garage sale just up the street.  Maybe I'll find something cool!  Have a super great day!


Carrie said...

Great idea, are you going to post a tutorial for it?

Hope you had good luck at the garage sale. I went to a few in AZ wqhile on vacation. My chemo buddy likes to shope garage sales.

Heidi Hihn said...

Great job! Love the idea, the teacher will be thrilled with theses!