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Friday, May 15, 2009

Wishing you well

I just thought that I'd pop in and wish everyone a happy day. As you all know we've got company and we've not seen her in a year so I am probably chatting up a storm!

I just wanted to post a quick picture or two for you.

I never really paid too much attention to nature or the things around me. When I was working full time out of the house I was always busy to pay attention. But now that I am a SAHM I notice lots of things that I did not before. Maybe it was lack of time, who knows. But I actually find myself looking around more often. I do pay attention. Small things matter.
I've shown you the bird (condo) house that Ricky built. Last year we had a robin nest in the tree really low so we were always peeking in at it. We watched the eggs hatch and the birds fly away. I actually named one that we had to rescue. When the birds were building the nest they used a piece of plastic and it caught on the bird's leg. When he tried to fly the coop he was stuck. Then he fell. The plastic was actually tied around his leg. Ricky tried to get it off but it would not all come off, it's almost like it grew into his leg. We had to block off the yard because the bird did not fly right away and Ginger was still alive. Needless to say, I named him Eugene. Don't know why, I just did.

Well this year we've got a huge nest high up in the tree. I think it might be a robin nest, and we've got some finches that took up residence in the bird condo. We've been watching the little birdies fly, it really is something to see. Our front we have a next in the tree too. I think that it might be a cardinal. The momma and poppa cardinals are the only ones who hang out in the front. So all this said - I've got a couple of bird pictures that I snapped to show you.
Danielle bought me this last year for Mother's day. The cardinals love it, and I fill it often! This is the tree that they hang out in mostly.
Isn't he just beautiful!! I could watch them for hours. And they have the cutest little chirp.
This is our weeping willow that we have out back. Of course this day every time I grabbed the camera to take a picture he would fly away. I finally snapped him though, and this was zoomed in. He's pretty high up in the tree. I think he was just playing hard to get and didn't wanna be pictured.
This is just a little sneek peek at what I've been up to. I'll be back to show you more later.
Have a great day!


Bobbie said...

Good Morning from sunny California. Love your bird pictures. Bet you 3 are having a ball.
Love to all...Bobbie

Carmen O. said...

Wow your pictures are beautiful! I love how pretty cardinals look especially against the green leaves of the tree. I love how things are so lush and green right now. Lots of rain helps I guess. So glad you get enjoy time with your friend! That's the best isn't it? Have a wonderful weekend Joani!

Bridgett said...

Enjoy your visit with your guest! I love the bird stories and photos! Your sneak peek looks really great! Eager to see it!