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Monday, May 03, 2010

Mod Podge of cards

Good Morning everyone!  I hope that today finds you well and dry.  Danielle is home from school today ~ they closed the schools.  We had so much rain over the weekend that lots of schools here are closed due to flooding.  And as I'm looking out the window I can't beleive it - it's so sunny and warm out.  Yes, we do need the rain but not all at once.  I look out the other window and I see that Elkhorn Creek is way over it's banks.  There is water up to the back doors of the neighbors houses. 

I think that I'll stay in and just work on some cards.  I have a couple of cards to show you, but I can't seem to find the recipies for them.  They are around here someplace, just not where I need them to be at the moment.  If there is something that you want to know about, just leave me a comment and I'll figure it out for you.
I had made some cards a while back for Danielle's teacher and she asked for something for a little boy that had something to do with a fire truck.  I found this image over at Mo's Digital Pencil.  Isn't he the cutest?  Only having Danielle and never a little boy I like to make cards for them.  Go check out Mo's - I'm sure that you'll find something there you like...  just be sure to come back Ü
Something about this card that I just love.  Maybe it is the black with the colors?  The pink and the green?  The polka dots?  I dunno, I just like it...

For some reason this image reminds me of Danielle.  I don't know why either.  Maybe it's just the "fashion-ista" ~ but it just does.  Actually if it was a phone in her hand and not an ipod then it would be her Ü  But then that would describe most of the population of teenager's wouldn't it?  I'm constantly being told "this does not go with that" or "wear this, not that".  I swear, how did I survive all these years without her?  he he he...

I'm off to go create something.  Don't forget, Mother's day is only 6 day's away.  Are your cards made?\

Have a great day! 


marsha said...

Ooh, these are super cute! Especially love the little fireman card!

Hugs, Marsha

Patti J said...

These are all darling! That little fireman has stolen my heart...TFS!!! Stay dry!

Oma said...

Sounds like my DD and I - she is always trying to get me to change my hair or clothes. What she wants me to wear; I wouldn't be caught dead in as I would not be comfortable.