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Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Remember I told you that Danielle was home from school because of the flooding?  Here is some pictures I took from our upstairs window.
These are the houses right across the street.  Good thing that our house is higher up on a slight hill than those. 
The water is right between the houses!  Eeekk!!!

We are fine - and the water is starting to recede.  But there are so many here in this state and the neighboring ones that have lost so much.  Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.  And never take anything for granted.


Whimcees said...

That IS scary! I remember a flood we were in when my children were young - we opened the inside door to the basement and the water level was at the top step and one of the children's rubber balls was floating on top. We left from the front door of our home to step into a boat to ride to dry land. Had forgotten all about that! :<)

Take care. Wishing you well.

Barbara Diane

the Purple One said...

Oh my gosh that is scary! I am glad that you all were ok, and am feeling very bad for your neighbors!