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Monday, May 17, 2010

We survived!

Yup, we survived Danielle's 18th birthday.  I still can not imagine that I have an 18 year old child.  It seems I was just taking her to kindergarten.  The time really does fly by ~ you have to cherish it.

I just wanted to show you a couple pictures of her day yesterday.  She had over a few friends and it was a nice afternoon that lasted until the evening...
All she wanted was an iphone for her birthday.  That's all I've heard for weeks.  I told her that I was not getting her one because we've bought enough phones and that was it.  Well, me being the evil mommy that I am...
I wrapped her presents last Monday and set them out in the living room.  After all, we wrap Christmas gifts and display them under the tree for a month, don't we??  But see the packages of walnuts on the table?  I took a big mailing box from the post office and wrapped her phone up.  Then I put it in the big mailing box with the walnuts to add the weight.  I took empty wrapping paper rolls and wedged them into the box so the phone would not slide around.  The box was a little heavy too.  She never suspected a phone.  As a matter of fact she "knew" for sure that it was not a phone...  he he he.....  I know, evil I am Ü
Then after they all wanted to play Twister.  When her boyfriend asked her what she wanted she told him that this is all she wanted was the Twister game.  So there was 5 of them in the living room playing Twister.  It was hilarious to watch.  She asked us if we wanted to play and I told her that if us "old folks" played we'd probably end up in traction for a week!

That's behind us now.  She is legal.  She can now vote.  She can now buy lottery tickets.  Now I can officially show my grey!

I hope to get some crafting done today ~ so after a (quick) walk with the dog I'm off to the craft room.  It looks like it's going to rain soon - thus the quick walk.

Have a super great day!!


Tracy B. said...

What a fun time! Congrats to all:)

Whimcees said...


What a beauty Danielle is! It looks like her day was a success! You did pull an evil mother trick on the poor girl - but in the end she got her heart's desire. :<) Pretty clever!

Looking forward to seeing you new creations! Wishing you a good week!

Barbara Diane

marsha said...

What a great occasion, enjoy all these fabulous moments and soon you'll be a grandmother like me!

Hugs, Marsha

Softpencil said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter!!! it looks you got much fun!

I know what you mean, my son is 15 and it seems yesterday he was a baby... the time really flies :)

Carrie said...

Oh Joani, you must be so proud of the job you did raising her. She is a beautiful person, just like her mom.

Julie Temple said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Danielle!! My DD is 18, also, Joani, so as another Momma who's one and only has grown up TOO FAST...(((( Joani)))!! I cried as hard her LAST day of school last week as I did her first day of Kindergarten....good luck with that, Sweetie!! She is beautiful!


Bobbie said...

Hi Joani.... I see you haven't are still the best mother ever ( a little sneeky tho.)
Danielle is beautiful !!!!!!