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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Gift Bags & Purse

Well, first I'd like to say these are awesome! I don't mean the workmanship-I mean the bags themselves. I love the fact that I am able to make a card, or alter something and then give it out in a matching bag. How cool is that???

For the candies in the tin that I made for my BIL's GF ~ I made a matching bag to put them in. I was rummaging around on SCS and came across a gift bag that Bensarmom made. You've got to check it out!!! Anyway, I just made a little change to it and voila! It's done.

I used the paper from the Dashing collection. I just love that paper, but I'm afraid that after Christmas it will not be of much use, although I could save it for next year. But then I'm sure that there will be something else next year that I'll love....

Then I wanted to make a bag for my BIL's gift. We are not actually giving gifts out, but I still want to hand something to everyone who comes over for dinner. My BIL is actually kinda girly. In the way that he decorates. I love it! And he actually saves every card that I've made him! Now that makes a girl feel good! So, knowing this, you have to understand that when I make something for him it actually has to be just right.

So, I made a 2,5,7,10 box ~ but it was not the right size.

Instead I took out a sheet of 12 x 12 paper (from the walmart stack) and scored it at 2 6/8", 5 6/8", 8 6/8" and 11 6/8". I then turned it a 1/4 turn and scored it at 3 and 9 1/2". Then I just assembled the box as you normally would. I think it turned out ok. Ok enough to pass the BIL test ;o) I also gave him a Hershey's big 1/2 pound bar to go alone with it.

Well, I hope that it passes the test.

And I hope that you all have a very safe and happy holiday ~ I'm not sure I'll be back on til after the Christmas holiday, so if I'm not I'm sending you all well wishes from my family to yours. Happy holidays~~~


Claire said...

Love the placemats and bags. I wish you a merry christmas!

Diane said...

Wonderful gifts bags, love them!

Stampmouse said...

great bags love them


just a reminder I have a 12 days of christmas blog candy up. just a card but thought it would be fun.

Bree Stanley said...

Merry Christmas from your SBS!!!!!!!

melanie said...

very cute, love them

Mindy said...

Yummy gift bags and purse!