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Thursday, December 13, 2007

I've been tagged by Gabby!!!

Gabby at Confessions of a Stamper tagged me!!! **Ack! ** Tell 7 things about me? Like what? I dont know..
Well, here goes:

1. I'm computer addicted. I use the excuse (all day long) I've gotta go potty and then jump on the computer. My Mom's caught on ~ she says "see you in an hour".

2. I like cold pizza or cold leftover tacos for breakfast. Come to think of it, I'm hungry!

3. I don't always answer the phone when it's my SIL. **shame on me** but she talks FOREVER, and I hate the phone.

4. I don't hear very well and I use it to my advantage. I "pretend" not to hear people calling me downstairs/upstairs so I don't have to go upstairs/downstairs.

5. I secretly l♥ve Vin Deisel. Ok, I know he is soooo yesterday ~ but he's hot hot hot!!!

6. I take a shower each day with hubby even though I love taking baths alone. (Maybe T-M-I but I'm supposed to be sharing) ;-)

7. I have mild OCD. I HAVE to do things in multiples of 2 or even numbers (so this is awkward to only do 7 - but it's my 2nd post of the day....)

There. Now I will tag:

Roxy - Stamping with Roxy
Patty-Patty's Stampin Spot
Marybeth-Stampin Space
Angie-Chic n' Scratch

Have a great day! I'm not going anywhere today ~ all I did was run around yesterday and I'm beat! Today is crafting day all day. And since it's doing nothing but rain I don't want to go anyplace... Have a great day!



Alana said...

Hi Joani! Welcome to the sisterhood. I have you all signed up. Toni already offered to be Group Admin, but I think it would be fine if you were back-up for her. Why don't you leave her a comment, and both of you can get signed up as authors on the SBS Cafe blog to post challenges, swaps, or whatever. Why were you *afraid* to sign up earlier? Let me know if there is anything I can do to make it less intimidating for others to sign up. Happy blogging!
SBS Founding Sister

Mary Beth said...

Joani, I finally posted my "Tagged" comments! Thanks:) Have you got your Xmas card in the mail yet - if not it's coming!