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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It's all in the bag, baby!

My first attempt at the double pocket bag from SCS. They are actually super easy to make!! If you'd like the directions click here to go to SCS for step by step easy to follow directions...

I wanted to make a cute little bag for my DD's brag books that I made, and I even adjusted the directions a bit ~ but they are still too small to make. Maybe I need the Martha Stewart 18" paper instead? Hey, shopping trip is in order :)

The paper that I used was purchased in a pack at Big Lots for only $1.00!!! It is Frances Meyer. The ribbon is just plain white organdy ribbon (that for some reason I have ooodles and ooodles of). And I do not have a slit punch, so I used my 1/4" hole punch - next time I might add an eyelet to it also just for extra stability.

So I guess I will have to find another purpose for this bag (it won't be too hard, it's Christmas!!)

Enough for now. I plan to post more later today ~ like an example for the sketch that I made the other day. Tell me if you liked it? If you'd like to see more in the future?? Any feedback would be appreciated.

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