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Friday, February 13, 2009

Another quickie

Good Friday Morning everyone!!

Ahhhh, the weekend is just hours away. Finally. I wanted this week to be over, I don't know why. I guess as my Mom would put it, I'm wishing my life away. Not really, just some of the boring tedious parts.

Well last night I had one of those strangle your teenager moments. I've been asking Danielle for the last month, month in a half, if I could make something for her friends for Valentines day. "Oh no Mom, my friends would not appreciate it" was what I got. I asked her many times because I thought I could wear her down Ü but nope! So last night I was at the store picking up a few things, I'm on my way home and I get a call. "Mom, where are you? Can you pick something up for so and so....." Grrrr!!! Good thing I was at a stop when she called or I probably would of ran into something. So of course I tell her that I was already in the car....... So like a fool, I went to Big Lots. Good thing for me they are right across the street from our house Ü

I found some candy there and came home and made some milk cartons for her. Now, I've done this a million times! I've gone to make a milk carton and I cut the window out of the wrong side. So this is an example of what NOT to do.....
I used DP from Cloud 9. I made the tag by hand with Pink Pirouette and Real Red cs. I used my scallop oval Marvy punch to cut the shape out for the window. I added a clip with ribbon to the top to keep it closed - also as an easy open so I did not have to tape it. I thought that they might like to keep it (even though I messed up-but like Danielle said "Mom, it's for a 16 year old~they don't care). I'm very picky about things. I've thrown things out and started all over again because of one little boo-boo.

So, just remember - this is what NOT to do.
I thought that you'd like the template - I can't remember if I shared it with you before or not.

If your having a hard time reading it - just click on the picture and it will bring it up larger for you.

Well I'm off. Got things to do, places to go, people to see. Ok, not really. But I've gotta run!!

Have a great day!



kssdesigns said...

What a great project. Even if the window is on the wrong side it's still very cute!

LuLu said...

Great ideas and you are such a kind mum to make all those gifts. When I asked my son if he wanted any cards etc . . . he went red and said "NO"!

Gabby said...

LMAO Joani...I have those moments when I just want to strangle LV myself! This snot changed her mind almost half a dozen times on WHAT she wanted me to make her for V-Day and for whom...well...Wednesday night she FINALLY said "Ok...I want this instead" so I made her candy bags for 9 of her BFF's. Gotta love 'em huh? *rolls eyes*

Oh...and I'll work on the banner tonight! *wink*

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is silvia, I don't have a blog but I enjoy looking at all the wonderful things you create. I really liked the milk carton idea , but when I clik on the image to enlarge it , it will not work.I can't read the measurement you have on the posted picture , it looks blurry,, Could you please send me the measurements or the picture you have on your blog so that I will be able to try and make them??? Thank you in advance and hope to hear from you.

Jenny said...

Hi Joani!
First I would like to say that I LOVE your blog, Just spent an hour or two looking at all your wonderful work, Thank You for Sharing!
I cant seem to open the pic into a size that I can read the measurments :-(
Needless to say, that I love this project and would like to try it myself :-)