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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tax Time!

Well yesterday I could be found under a pile of papers, bills, receipts - and who knows what else!
I think that I used up a 1/2 cartridge of ink for my printer!!

It was tax time at our house. I started out the day thinking "Hmmm, I'll get some cards made" and ended up with a huge mess. Actually it did take me most of the day. Sorting papers, getting things together. But by the time I went to bed they were done. Which leaves me with nothing to show you today.

But, I am showered, refreshed and full of breakfast ~ I'm going to the craft table as soon as I hit "post"!

I hope you all have a great day, and yes I will be back tomorrow with something to show you!
Oh, and by the way ~ have you taken a look at my slide show up above this post? It is of the new TAC supplement. All 48 pages of it! Take a look, I know that something will catch your eye!
Have a great day!!


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