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Monday, August 31, 2009

Lucky me, lucky me!!

♫♪I'm the luckiest girl in the whole wide wide world♪♫
That song sticks in my head. But it's true!! I'm so lucky. See what my dear friend Rita sent me in the mail. I've wanted to get some more nesties but I haven't. I'm really trying to be good and not spend, and pay down on the cards. It's so darn hard when there is so much out there to tempt you.
But Rita sent me this surprise in the mail and I could not be happier. Jealous, aren't you? I'm going to be playing with these for a while ~ so get ready to see some creations!


Carmen O. said...

You sure have a great friend in Rita! I love my nesties and wish I could get more, but am in the same boat of not spending. One great thing is my oldest son got a job at Hobby Lobby!! He starts next Monday.

Munkeezmama said...

I'm lucky to have you as my friend, Joani. I'm glad to see you will be enjoying the toys, lol.