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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Off topic you might say

Ok, I know that this is a little off topic, but I had to show you.

These are just some of the pictures that Danielle had taken a week or so ago. Yup, senior portrait time. I can't believe it really. Remember when we were kids and had our pictures taken. They had that black velvet wrap or fuzzy pink throw around us? And the guys with the tuxedo jacket and tie. No more. I think it's kinda cool here you can have your picture taken doing whatever it is you love ~ and have that printed in the yearbook. It's really cool when you see them. The kids in their sports uniforms or on their horse. Some on their dirt bikes or whatever they are into. Yes, times have changed.

But I wanted to show you some of her pictures. Like I said these are just a few ~ but I love the whole rail road track theme. I think that they might even look pretty cool in black and white too.

I promise something crafty will be next ~ stay tuned.


Gabby said...

Awww Joani! She's turned into such a beautiful young lady! Senior huh? Dang how time flies! I still remember the Dani from Cards & Crafts... WOW! I do love how they've changed it up...our senior pictures were wearing caps those fur throws and the guys in tux. Are we really THAT old or is the times really a changin'! LMBO!!!

Carmen O. said...

Beautiful photos Joani! When I was a senior was the time they were doing a softer image of you in the same photo of you. IE: there'd be a regular shot of you and then the second photo was soft dreamy photo. Well the second photo of mine they didn't do very soft and it looked like I had a twin! Wow how time flies huh? Danielle is so pretty!

Bobbie said...

Joani...Danielle is so beautiful. She takes your breath away. Can't believe she is a senior already You should have stayed in CA so she would have stayed your little girl. :-)
Angel Hugs....Bobbie

Helen Dooley said...

You have raised a beautiful young lady. Senior year is a blast. Last homecoming, prom, picking a college. Wow. Congrats!